PG2 – Nike’s brand new PlayStation-inspired sneakers

Vibrate and light up sneakers-The Limited Edition PG2 kicks has a button inside which, when pressed, activates PlayStation controller responses.

The PG2 sports the same nuances as the buttons on a PlayStation controller (green, blue, pink and purple), the rubber soles shining in the dark, and a star-starred impression on the sock liner. The most fascinating feature, however, is a language that, with the pressure of a secret button inside the shoe, turns on and vibrates like a PlayStation controller. The battery is not replaceable, but with a duration of 150 hours, it should be OK, until you remember to turn it off. Shoes will be available worldwide from Feb. 10, with a price of US $110.


Nike, the brand that experienced the limited launch sneaker with the original Air Jordan, has been amping for direct sales of customers to rare kicks as part of a broader business strategy. In a key earnings report last year, sales in the North American division critique dropped 3 percent a year earlier by placing the issue, could Direct-to-customer sales of sneakers Limited Edition solve the problem of stagnant sales Nike?

The strategy is potentially profitable for the shoe giant. Last year, Nike Direct-to-customer channel grew eight times faster than its wholesale trade. Although the category only created US $9.1 billion in the entries, approximately 28 percent of Nike’s total brand sales accounted for 70 percent of its growth. There is no sign that things differ in 2018: In September, CEO Mark Parker told Bloomberg that the company is fully committed to turning the experience of buying Nikes into a more personal one. “Retailers who don’t accept the distinction will be left behind“, he said.


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