Pioneer PLX-500 – the high-quality Direct Drive DJ Turntable

The Pioneer PLX-500 is a professional turntable designed for DJs and vinyl enthusiasts. It is a direct drive turntable, meaning that the platter is driven directly by the motor, which provides stable, consistent rotation and allows for quick start-up times. The PLX-500 also features a built-in preamp, which allows it to be easily connected to a mixer or sound system, and a replaceable stylus, which allows the user to easily replace the needle when it wears out. Overall, the Pioneer PLX-500 is a versatile, high-quality turntable that is well-suited for use in a variety of DJ and vinyl playback settings.

Fast-acting direct drive is a characteristic of the Pioneer PLX-500 turntable and all of the top DJ decks. Your mixes will be smoother than ever thanks to the 3-phase, brushless DC motor with automatic brake. You have everything you need from a deck for flawless mixing when you combine the durable aluminum platter, powerful cartridge, slip-mat, and pitch control.

The PLX-500’s tonearm is a sturdy and efficient match for the deck. Many people like the tried-and-true basic S-shape for mixing purposes. The PLX-500’s tonearm has a detachable headshell for quick cartridge replacement, just as you’d expect from a professional deck. It also incorporates the necessary VTA height adjustment and accurate weight adjustment, allowing you to use the deeper cartridges and thicker slip-mats without throwing off the balance.

Both a PC as well as a Mac can be connected via the B-type USB. From this point, it’s simple to turn the recordings into digital files, enabling you to listen to your priceless vinyl records anywhere you like. You can also include vinyl into a software-based mixing system when used in combination with software like Pioneer’s original rekordbox.PLX-500The PLX-500 is a direct-drive turntable with three speeds: 33, 45, and 78 RPM. It has a power knob, a start/stop button, a target light, a tonearm and tonearm assembly that resembles those found in a standard Technics 1200 or PLX-1000, and a pitch fader that allows you to change platter speeds by up to 8%. It also has a lot of similarities to the PLX-1000 and the Technics 1200.
Simple addition of active speakers or your preferred amplifier for line level output
It is simple to connect this deck because the Pioneer includes a built-in phono stage (MM only). Choose any amp or small system that has an AUX input, or use active speakers for desk-top monitoring. This DJ deck will plug right in.

Pioneer offers a turntable in its range that is reasonably priced with the directly driven PLX-500. Its torque, synchronism, strong chassis, and platter with a stable anchor give the platform for expert application and vinyl scratching. I’ve been primarily impressed by the sound. The PLX-500’s built-in sound card, which transmits the signal to a connected computer without the need for additional hardware, is another benefit. Thus, vinyl enthusiasts can use record boxes to digitize their favorite records. Without additional “dongle” hardware, DVS operation with a record box or even an app on the iPad is noteworthy. The Pioneer PLX-500 is a fantastic turntable in my opinion for the price ($369).
You can easily convert your vinyl collection into high-quality digital files by connecting the turntable’s USB out to your PC or Mac. You can simply press play to record an entire album from an analogue source to individual tracks without having to reset the recording between songs thanks to Rekordbox’s audio analysis technology, which recognizes the silence between tracks and creates a separate file in your collection for each of them.

Pioneer PLX500
– Use the PLX-500 to mix and scratch your vinyl records or combine the turntable with rekordbox dvs, a compatible DJ mixer and the RB-VS1-K Control Vinyl to play and perform with your digital files – photo: Pioneer video: YouTube/Pioneer DJ

Pioneer PLX-500, a high-quality turntable that would play my records without skipping or destroying them is just what I was searching for. My previous turntable, which I regret buying because it was a subpar product, operated for a few months before randomly skipping every record I tested. I followed all of the suggested troubleshooting steps, but nothing worked. Now that I can play every single one of those albums without skipping, I can tell that Pioneer PLX-500 is a high-quality device that performs brilliantly in every aspect. Although it might not be what a professional DJ needs, this turntable is incredibly good value for playing records at home.
Use this fantastic Pioneer PLX-500 turntable to get into the good rhythm.

Pioneer PLX-500
Pioneer PLX-500

Pioneer PLX-500 turntable specs:

Drive Method

Servo-type direct drive


Aluminium, die-casting diameter: 332 mm


3-phase, brushless DC motor

Braking System

Electronic brake

Rotation Speed

33⅓, 45, 78 rpm

Rotation Adjustment Range

±8 %

Wow and Flutter

< 0.15% WRMS

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

50 dB

Starting Torque

> 1.6 kgf・cm

Start Time

Within 1 sec (at 33⅓ rpm)

Arm Type

Universal type S-shape tone arm

Gimbal-supported type bearing structure

Static balance type


0.63 in

Effective Length

9.07 in

Tracking Error

Within 3°

Height Adjustment Range

0.24 in

Stylus Pressure Variable


0-4 g (1 scale 0.1 g)

Cartridge Weight Single

< 9.5 g

Cartridge type


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