PngOptimizer – Free, Portable and lightweight app

PngOptimizer is an great application designed to help you remove incorrect information from PNG files and support other formats such as BMP, GIF and TGA. If you are looking for an application that helps you optimize PNG files, it may be the right one for you. It is designed to help you optimize PNG files, remove incorrect information from files, and various additional functions.

In addition, it will provide you with support for different formats, including GIF, BMP and TGA.PngOptimizer

Portable and lightweight app
One of the main advantages of using PngOptimizer is that you can run and launch this application wherever you are. It’s portable, which means you can add it to your USB drive and run it from there. In addition, you can run the application without installing it from the drive, which should be a simple process.

It also works in a lightweight way because it won’t create additional entries in the register.

Batch processing
It comes with the ability to help you process batch files in an elegant way. It can be especially useful if you want to work with multiple files at once. You will also be able to see the statistics, along with the time of the task. It can give you a good idea of when the process should be completed.

We should also mention the user-friendly nature of the application. It includes a drag-and-drop editor in the interface, which allows you to move new files to the interface with ease. As soon as you add files to the interface, the optimization process will start automatically.

The application is easy to use and should not deliver major problems when working with it. PngOptimizer is a perfect tool for optimizing PNG files. It is highly effective, but also easy to use and lightweight. It can be used by almost anyone because the interface is organized PngOptimizer

Features and benefits of PngOptimizer:
Supports animated PNG files
Convert other lossless image formats (BMP, GIF, TGA) to PNG
Drastically reduces the size of PNG files
Cleans PNG files of unnecessary information

Download free PngOptimizer PngOptimizer download

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