Powerful & elegant TV – Ambilight Philips 65OLED935

Expanded vision with 4-sided Ambilight
This unique Philips technology enjoys its ultimate incarnation, with 4-sided Ambilight. Using smart LEDs throughout the TV, the color of the image is thrown into the room, in real time. Colour, liveliness, and excitement move beyond the screen and into your living room to bring you an over-the-ordinary viewing experience, with this stunning 65-inch Philips TV.

OLED+ for the definitive image, whatever the source
With individual pixel attenuation, OLED delivers industry-leading image quality. Deeper blacks and improved colors offer amazing contrast that allows you to enjoy the purest and most realistic image. Philips’ OLED+ maximizes the potential of OLED by being compatible with all major HDR formats. Whether it’s HDR10+ or Dolby Vision of games or movies, or HLG from TV, Philips plays it.

Unveiling presentation, with P5 AI Perfect Picture Engine
The P5 AI Perfect Picture engine is the “brain” behind the image and even “thinks” similarly to us. The powerful processor uses deep learning AI algorithms to get the most realistic images possible. Maximizing detail, color realism and smooth movement, the P5 AI engine optimizes OLED and Ambilight for brilliant performance.

Sound to match – with Bowers & Wilkins 3.1.2 speaker system
While most TVs put the sound a second away, the Philips 65OLED935 puts it right there with the picture. Featuring an array of supreme sound speakers, Bowers & Wilkins, this 65-inch Philips OLED is in a class apart from its rivals. A built-in subwoofer offers the thrill of an action movie, while up-firing speakers create a truly immersive sound. With a powerful 70-watt amplifier on board, the capable speaker system gets the grunt it needs for a sound that fills the room. Photo: Philips

Clearer dialogue
If you’ve ever struggled to hear the dialogue, this TV could help. Instead of sharing speech with left and right audio channels, which also handle the soundtrack and special effects, the dialogue has its own dedicated center speaker. This not only makes it clearer and easier to follow, but also locates the sound firmly on the image you see on the screen, helping to alleviate any lip sync issues.

Dolby Atmos – with upward sound
With a built-in Dolby Atmos processor, up-to-the-top power speakers are used to provide true Dolby Atmos sound. Dolby Atmos creates a high channel, giving the true feeling of flight or stormy weather that is above you. Just like in the best cinemas, Dolby Atmos has revolutionized the way we now feel totally immersed in the soundtrack.

Android TV for smart TV
In a complicated world of TV catches, Android TV makes sense to everything. Using a clear and intuitive interface, Android allows you to effortlessly switch between Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and many other services. Android allows you to pick up where you left off in the latest series or take a look at the new movie releases, all without getting lost in complicated menus.

Voice control with Google Assistant built-in and works with Alexa
Working through the built-in Android system, the Google Assistant helps you find compatible content, apps, and even control compatible smart home devices, such as the Philips Hue lighting system. All this is available with a simple voice command. Alternatively, connect amazon echo or a similar Alexa device and use voice commands via Alexa.

Philips 65OLED935 – Beautiful design – up to the remote control with leather backrest
Shaped from high-quality materials and style to a premium standard, the Philips 65OLED935 stands out from the crowd. The lines contrast beautifully with the warm, wool-based Kvadrat fabric. The quality of the design also extends to the remote control, which features a tactile finish supported in Muirhead leather and backlit keys.

Fully connected
Four HDMI sockets make it easy to connect a Blu-ray player, game console, TV set-top box, and other device. All sockets are in HDMI 2.0 version with HDCP 2.3, making this TV compatible with UHD Blu-ray players and 4K HDR streaming services. Other connections include two USB sockets, with recording on a compatible USB device. Create an optical connection for a soundbar/base plus a headphone jack and you have everything you need from your new TV.

Enjoy maximum sound and vision, from an elegant TV, with Philips 65OLED935.

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