Premium sound quality – Denon AH-D9200 headphones

It’s not every day you go out and buy a pair of headphones for 1,400 pounds. But it’s not every day you experience the quality like that offered by the Denon AH-D9200. Yes, these are expensive over-ears, but the sound experience is undeniable.

Japanese leather bearings on memory foam
Melted aluminum hangers with adjustment
3m OfC-coated silver cable (6.3mm plug)
1.3m audio cable (3.5mm plug)
Japanese bamboo wood finish
Dressed in a stitched-in memory foam headband, the D9200 is a fairly large but extremely comfortable set of cans. The design is also eye-catching, thanks to that Japanese bamboo finish, while the aluminum bow clicks precisely from one position to another to make it perfect.d9200

50 mm patented controllers ‘FreeEdge Nanofiber’
More than 1 magnet tesla neodimium
5Hz-56 kHz frequency response
Listen to the D9200 and your mind will fly with the sheer quality offered here. By eliminating any of these additional technologies, Denon has created a product that focuses on its main main reason for being: providing the highest quality sound.

Not that a pair of headphones less sound bad, it’s just that the way the D9200 offers bass-hit, stonking detail levels, and a crisp sharpness that’s never hoarse is truly insurmountable.

Much of this has to do with drivers using a neodymium magnet to keep a signal clean, while that wooden casing prevents resonance that could cause vibration and noise in other headphones.

There is also no need to listen to high-resolution pieces by classical composers: the range offered by Denon AH-D9200 headphones, from pop to rock, from underground bass music to classical, leaves no facets intact.

Yes, 1,400 pounds is a lot of money. But while the Denon AH-D9200 can drain a lot of money from your bank account, the great clarity that these high-end over-ears offer is nothing short of phenomenal.

No, there is no fantasy of noise cancellation, the scale is quite large, and the sound can lose a little, but by removing such feature lists, the D9200 is a pair of stripped headphones with its approach clearly set to its purpose:to provide sensational audio quality.

There’s not much else on the market like the Denon AH-D9200, so if you want a set of high-end headphones to listen to at home and you’re happy to delete a one-off for something that should last a lifetime, then there’s no doubt that the level of joy you can bring the just or type of customer. Photo:Denon


13.23 oz

Driver Diameter

50 mm

Driver Type

Nanofiber FreeEdge





Maximum Power input


Frequency response


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