Process: How Data Recovery works?

Data recovery is the task of extracting data from a broken/damaged storage media or that we want to find items that have been deleted by the user.
Can’t recover data in a computer repair shop?
The answer will be given by you. Maybe it is. Data Recovery is a specialized IT industry that solves problems encountered in storage media, such as hard drives, SSDs, mobile phones, etc.
This work is usually performed by dedicated data recovery engineers and includes a very specific procedure protocol to ensure the best result.
Can a computer technician perform data recovery with the Software?
The answer to this question is not easy. There are some software-related malfunctions, such as impersonating a partition, infecting a virus, damaging the file system, or having bad sectors that can be fixed with a free data recovery program. These tools can be managed by you or a technician. However, it is always recommended that your files are irreplaceable (for example, lifetime photos or business records that are critical to your business) to contact a data recovery company, as errors in the process can prevent them even after experts have restored them.

computer-hard drive

If your hard drive has mechanical problems and hears strange sounds or does not work at all, then I suggest you do not experiment because it can put the status of the disc at risk and cause irreparable damage, worse than the original. Recovering data from the SSD is another very common problem
Software tools do not know how to manage a damaged hard drive and can damage the state of the media or cause scratches on the disk recording surface. So we don’t have to risk our records being critical.
Data recovery engineers when they have faulty support must first make a careful diagnosis and then determine how the medium will handle it.
A particularly common mistake made by computer repair labs is to look for a solution on the Internet and YouTube, while lacking the knowledge and tools they need to do the job properly.
Some techniques that we often see on video and look easy, for example. Replacing a computer’s hard drive, placing the hard drive in a freezer, and operating inside the disk can work on some models, and others can destroy them.
My advice is when your data is critical, don’t experiment… when you don’t know that work can cause irreparable damage to the disk and therefore can’t help.
To move someone to safe locations and investigate, we must first apply the method to a disk that does not matter if we lose the data. If the experiment is detected in the same model, it is safer to test it on the disk that contains the critical data.
What can I do when i have a problem with a hard drive?
No sound from hard drive at all and doesn’t spin. It is likely that the problem is on the electronic board. For older drives, a board change was enough, but if it’s the 80GB disk, you need to reprogram the board to work.
Don’t take any chances because the wrong programmed board can make the drive head bad and cause a bigger problem.
There’s a noise from the hard drive. It is not easy to solve the problem. Contact a specialist and describe the problem better to guide you. Logically it won’t be cheap to work.
What criteria should a recovery company rely on?
The experience in space and in the years of operation is an important indication that the company is healthy and doing well.
Ask friends and IT business acquaintances which company they trust
See customers on the company page and your customers’ opinions on social media
It is important that the company has ISO
Some companies even charge for diagnosis and others have a free diagnosis. Diagnosis is important for the correct definition of the problem. Don’t overlook the fact that the more specialist you are, the more you choose your customers. As a result, when someone doesn’t have enough clientele, they lower prices and spend their time on customers for free.


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