Profitable Blog Monetization for Online Marketers

If you are an online marketer, it’s likely you’ve set up at least one blog. A blog is excellent for positioning yourself as an authority within your industry while also giving you a chance to let your personality come through. You can sell your products through your blog. You can establish relationships with other people via your blog. It furthers your brand. You already know all of this. You might not be aware of the fact that your blog can also generate cash for you. This is a great approach to supplement the income your existing projects are generating. Here are some of the ways that you can use your blog to bring in extra money.onlinemarketing__

Create and post Amazon product reviews on your blog. The great thing about this particular strategy is that you get to choose which products you review. Amazon has an excellent referral and affiliate program meaning that if someone buys a product or a book through the link on your blog, you get a decent percentage of the sale. You need to write thorough reviews that give people enough information without actually giving everything away, as this is the secret to generating sales via this strategy.

Besides other advertising you have posted on your site, you can also throw up some ads for products you created. This can help you get more sales for your products. Sure you might want to create posts that highlight these products and services from time to time-that’s only natural. By having sidebar advertising for them, however, you are able to sell your product every time someone visits your blog whether or not you’ve chosen to highlight something that day. Since “someone” has already invested in advertising space on your blog, other advertisers will be attracted because it will make them think it’s worth paying for.

Post paid articles. Post sponsorship is completely different to paid posts. A paid post is usually about a topic that the payer has decided upon. This approach requires some caution. Some people believe that if they pay for a post it means they can make you change your opinion and write something else in your post. Taking on paid posts is a completely subjective decision and is completely up to you whether you do it or not. The nice thing about this is that there are a lot of different networks you can join to make it easy for people to find your blog and buy posts on it.

Post content other people have created on your blog. This is similar to guest posting but usually it is advertising content with links meant to help someone else make money. If you do opt for this strategy, make sure you are careful. You can charge some pretty high prices because you aren’t in control of the content. Concurrently, though, the lack of any say regarding the content can lead to your readers becoming annoyed with you. You should put a policy in place that gives you the final say over whether or not something gets posted. The additional control over what you post on your blog is vital and more than worth it, even if you have to lower your prices. There are plenty of options for you to make money via your blog. There many opportunities available to you instead of just throwing up some Google Ads. The great thing about blog monetization is that you can make a little extra cash while you advertise other projects.