Raccoon – Downloader for Windows, Linux and MacOS

Raccoon is a simple application that allows you to fast and easily download Android applications without using the web browser. Instead, it acts as a kind of Google Play type application where you can choose and select the files you want to download yourself.

Raccoon - Downloader
Raccoon – Downloader

A simple download client
As for download clients, you will do very well to find a simpler tool than this one. It helps you to easily download the files you want, without having to worry about additional aspects such as a complicated user interface. This application offers a very simple interface where everything is very easy to find.
All you need to do to download a file with this client is to log in to your Google account, open Raccoon and search for the application you want to download. Then just select this application, locate it and click the Download button. In a few moments, the application should be on your phone and it will be placed in the files folder created by the application.
Find your favorite apps
It has a very efficient search engine where you can find the application you are looking for very easily. Just type the name of the application, then the results will appear in a well-organized list where you can see additional details such as file size, release date, permissions, user ratings, etc.

Raccoon APK Downloader

Another thing activated by this application is the search filters. After typing a query in the application to search for other applications, there may be hundreds of results. With the filters, you can easily locate the results. However, be sure to check the files for viruses before downloading.
Raccoon is a fantastic application where you can locate and download Android APK files and install them on your phone. This is useful if you do not want to use the Google Play Store and avoid being followed by bots that will offer you ads relevant to your searches.

Download free Raccoon APK Downloader for Windows, Linux and MacOS here

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