Refrigerator Whirlpool WRF767SDEM – INSTALLATION and Specs

This ENERGY star-rated energy Whirlpool refrigerator meets government standards to help preserve natural resources and save money on bills
The ice dispenser and outside water minimizes the need for bottled water, providing quick access to cold water and ice, filtered without door opening.
Ice storage on the door creates space for an additional complete shelf in the refrigerator by moving the ice bin to the door.Double ice machines are ideal to help you keep a lot of ice in your hand
The EveryDrop water filter is certified to reduce the majority of contaminants
The in-dispenser electronic controls provide an elegant look and are easy to use.
An advanced dual cooling system keeps food fresh and helps reduce freezer burn by detecting conditions and automatically adapts moisture levels.
Adjustable anti-Fall glass shelves in the fresh food compartment make it easy to customize the space to fit your storage needs.


A triple toaster has 3 bins to create more options for storing products, allowing you to organize fruits and vegetables your way
Size Adjustable Bins door gallons provide flexible storage options
19.03 cu Extra-large fresh food capacity. metres. It provides ample internal space while the freezer capacity of 7.77 cu. FT allows you to store a lot of your frozen foods easily
2 levels of freezer storage includes 2 sliding baskets so you can easily arrange frozen favorites
An in-freezer pocket Pizza provides a designated place to easily store vertical frozen pizzas, avoiding the hassle of trying to fit the boxes on the freezer flat shelves.
Door alarm warns when the refrigerator door has been left open for 5 minutes continue to help you save energy and protect your food
Smooth door finish and hidden hinges contribute to the modern style of this refrigerator
LED lighting in the fresh food and freezer rooms surrounds the food with the light, making it easy to find what you are looking for.
French refrigerator door, the convenience of a bottom-freezer with a side-by-sides smart doors. 2 Refrigerator compartment doors and 1 freezer compartment drawer.

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