Review: 45-inch OLED monitor LG 45GR95QE-B

Introducing the LG 45GR95QE-B Monitor: A Closer Look at its Features

The LG 45GR95QE-B monitor stands out with its exceptional build quality, boasting a solid construction using premium materials. Meticulously assembled, this monitor showcases no apparent flaws in its design. The bezels are seamlessly integrated with the screen, ensuring a cohesive and polished appearance. The monitor’s stand is crafted from sturdy metal, while the remainder of the body is composed of durable plastic.

The visual appeal of the LG 45GR95QE-B monitor is undeniable, offering an unparalleled gaming experience when positioned optimally. However, its design lacks versatility, making it less suitable for basic desktop use due to the aggressive curve. Additionally, watching movies can be challenging due to the distortion around the curve when seated too far back.

In terms of connectivity, the LG OLED 45 features a standard set of ports, including two HDMI 2.1 and a DisplayPort 1.4 for inputs, along with two USB 3.2 Gen 1 connections via the built-in USB hub. Unlike the Samsung Neo G8, LG opts for a rear placement of the ports, protruding slightly but not significantly problematic given the monitor’s size.

Audio options stand out with a convenient headphone jack supporting DTS Headphone:X virtual surround sound located under the front of the display. An optical audio jack is also available behind the monitor. While the UltraGear OLED 45 lacks built-in speakers, connecting external speakers or a soundbar is a straightforward solution.

Despite the excellent ports, a notable drawback lies in the control mechanism. Similar to the UltraGear OLED 27, accessing the on-screen display (OSD) requires the use of the included remote. While it provides standard settings, including a few color profiles, the full menu remains inaccessible without the remote.

However, it’s worth noting a couple of downsides. The monitor tends to wobble easily, which may pose a challenge if your desk is prone to movement, particularly during intense typing sessions. Additionally, the reflective housing beneath the bottom bezel can be distracting if exposed to bright light sources nearby.

The LG 45GR95QE-B monitor features a V-shaped stand that adds to its overall aesthetic appeal but requires a spacious desk due to its size. It’s also worth mentioning that the monitor, together with its stand, carries considerable weight, making it advisable to have assistance when lifting and positioning it. The thickness of the monitor from the center to the back of the stand measures 14.0″ (35.5 cm).

LG 45GR95QE-B Monitor
LG 45GR95QE-B Monitor

One standout feature of the LG 45GR95QE-B is its remarkable horizontal viewing angle. While the image may start to fade at extremely wide angles, you can comfortably view the screen from various perspectives without experiencing any significant issues. The vertical viewing angle is equally impressive, allowing for unobstructed visibility even when the monitor is mounted above eye level or when viewed from a standing position. Although the top of the screen appears slightly brighter when looked at from above, this discrepancy is hardly noticeable.

The monitor’s color accuracy is truly exceptional, particularly after a full calibration. However, it’s worth noting that calibrating the monitor may result in slightly oversaturated colors. The color temperature and gamma closely align with their intended targets, ensuring minimal visible inaccuracies in most colors and white balance. In fact, even without calibration, the image maintains a high level of accuracy. It’s recommended to perform calibration only if achieving perfect gamma and white balance is crucial. The LG 45GR95QE-B offers an outstanding SDR color gamut, delivering flawless coverage of the widely-used sRGB color space. It also performs admirably in the Adobe RGB color space, commonly employed in photo editing. However, there may still be slight deviations in reds and greens within the Adobe RGB spectrum.

When it comes to variable refresh rate (VRR) support, the LG 45GR95QE-B excels. It seamlessly functions with both DisplayPort and HDMI connections, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience. Moreover, the monitor supports Low Framerate Compensation (LFC), allowing VRR to remain effective even when running games with low frame rates.

With a commendable response time at 60Hz, the LG 45GR95QE-B ensures minimal motion blur. While most transitions exhibit quick response times, some instances of noticeable overshoot and inverse ghosting may occur, particularly in darker scenes. It’s important to be aware of this potential distraction when engaging with content that involves darker visuals.

LG 45GR95QE-B Monitor
-LG 45GR95QE-B Monitor- photo: LG

The LG 45GR95QE monitor impresses with its low input lag across most picture modes, ensuring a highly responsive gaming experience. Whether you have Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) enabled or disabled, and regardless of whether you’re using a DisplayPort or HDMI connection, the input lag remains consistently low. However, it’s important to note that certain picture modes, which are not optimized for gaming and disable the Dynamic Action Sync (DAS) feature, experience an increase in input lag. These modes include “Vivid,” “Reader,” “HDR Effect,” “sRGB,” “Color Weakness,” “Calibration 1,” and “Calibration 2.” Below are the input lag measurements in the “Vivid” mode:

  • Native Resolution @ Max Refresh Rate: 13.7 ms
  • Native Resolution @ 120Hz: 21.7 ms
  • Native Resolution @ 60Hz: 31.4 ms

Regarding compatibility, the LG 45GR95QE does not encounter any issues when used with the PS5. However, it’s worth mentioning that since the PS5 does not support ultrawide gaming, black bars will be visible on the sides of the screen due to the monitor’s ultrawide aspect ratio. To ensure that 4K @ 120Hz appears as compatible on the Video Output Information page, it may be necessary to first enter a game with VRR enabled, allowing 4K @ 120Hz to function properly. Despite not being a native 4K monitor, the LG 45GR95QE downscales 4K signals, resulting in a sharper image compared to a native 1440p signal.

LG 45GR95QE-B: Versatile Performance for Office and Gaming

The LG 45GR95QE-B monitor offers decent performance for office use, although it may not be the most ideal choice. It boasts wide viewing angles and impressive reflection handling, making it suitable for well-lit office environments. However, it falls short in terms of brightness, as it may struggle to combat glare effectively. Additionally, the monitor’s low pixel density results in mediocre text clarity, making reading text a bit challenging at times. Another aspect to consider is its aggressive 800R curve, which can take some adjustment and may cause straight lines in documents to appear distorted. It’s important to note that OLED panels, like the one in this monitor, are susceptible to burn-in when exposed to the same static elements over an extended period, such as a taskbar that remains on the screen all day.

On the other hand, the LG 45GR95QE-B monitor truly shines when it comes to gaming. Its impressive 240Hz refresh rate is perfect for high-frame-rate gaming, and it also supports FreeSync VRR and is G-SYNC compatible, effectively reducing screen tearing. With low input lag, gaming on this monitor feels responsive, and its fast response time ensures smooth performance with most signals. The OLED panel delivers perfect blacks, which greatly enhances the gaming experience, particularly in dark room settings.

Cons of the LG 45GR95QE-B Monitor:

  • Prone to burn-in: OLED panels, including the one in this monitor, are susceptible to burn-in when static elements are displayed for prolonged periods. This can be a concern if you frequently have static elements on the screen, as it may result in permanent image retention.
  • Matte coating introduces haziness: The monitor’s matte coating, while intended to reduce glare, can introduce a slight haziness to the display. This may affect the overall visual clarity, especially when viewing content that requires high levels of detail.
  • Text clarity can be mediocre: Due to the monitor’s low pixel density, text clarity may not be optimal. Reading text can be challenging at times, as the characters may appear less sharp and clear compared to displays with higher pixel densities.
  • Adjustment required for aggressive 800R curve: The monitor’s aggressive 800R curve may take some time to get used to, especially when viewing documents or content with straight lines. Straight lines may appear distorted due to the curved nature of the display.

It’s important to consider these cons in relation to your specific needs and preferences before making a purchasing decision.

A 45-inch OLED Gaming Monitor with Impressive Features

The LG 45GR95QE-B is a noteworthy addition to the gaming monitor market, featuring a 45-inch OLED display, a 240Hz refresh rate, and a 3440×1440 resolution. It stands out as one of the first OLED gaming monitors in this size category, providing competition to the Corsair XENEON Flex 45WQHD, which also utilizes the same LG Display panel. However, unlike the bendable panel of the XENEON Flex, the 45GR95QE-B boasts an aggressive 800R fixed curve, which may require some adjustment time to get accustomed to.LG 45GR95QE-B Monitor

In terms of gaming features, this model doesn’t disappoint. It offers FreeSync variable refresh rate (VRR) support, ensuring smoother gameplay, along with G-SYNC compatibility for enhanced tear-free visuals. Furthermore, the monitor benefits from HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, enabling high-speed connectivity. It belongs to the same lineup as the LG 27GR95QE-B and shares the same matte screen coating, which helps reduce glare and reflections.

It’s essential to note that OLED displays are prone to burn-in if exposed to static elements for extended periods. However, the LG 45GR95QE-B includes specific settings designed to minimize this risk.

The LG 45GR95QE-B presents a compelling option for gamers seeking a large, high-performance OLED monitor. With its impressive refresh rate, resolution, gaming features, and burn-in reduction settings, it offers an immersive gaming experience that is sure to captivate enthusiasts. LG 45GR95QE-B monitor price: $1,499.99

    • Screen Size  44.5″
    • Curved:   Yes
    • Curvature:   800R
    • Display Type   OLED
    • Color Gamut (Typ.)   DCI-P3 98.5%
    • Color Depth (Number of Colors)   1.07B
    • Pixel Pitch (mm)   84 PPI
    • Response Time (GTG)     0.03ms (GtG)
    • Refresh Rate      240Hz
    • Aspect Ratio   21:9
    • Display Resolution:  QHD
    • Resolution    3440 x 1440
    • Brightness   200 cd/m²
    • Contrast Ratio    1500000:1 (Typ.)
    • Viewing Angle    178º (R/L), 178º (U/D)
    • Surface Treatment     Anti-Glare, Low-Reflection of the front polarizer
    • Peak Brightness (Typ.)    1000cd/m²(@HDR 3% APL)
    • Peak Brightness (Min.)    800cd/m² (@HDR 3% APL)

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