Review: Dell S2721DGF- 1ms,1440p-gaming monitor with Unique Design

Dell S2721DGF has a little different design from most Dell monitors we tested. It has thin frames on three sides, outstanding ergonomics and perfect stand. Like most Dell monitors, it’s well built and fits any décor.
Dell S2721DGF is a 1440p 27-inch monitor with excellent end-to-end performance. The IPS panel offers wide viewing angles, but unfortunately, this comes at the expense of contrast. It has an excellent response time(1ms), with very little blurring behind fast-moving objects, and has an exceptional low entry delay for a responsive gaming experience. It is a versatile monitor, with exceptional ergonomics, great handling of reflection and high maximum brightness in SDR, so glare is not a problem in a bright room. Although this monitor supports HDR and can display a wide range of colors, it can’t be very bright in HDR and has low contrast, so HDR doesn’t add much. Dell S2721DGF

Dell S2721DGF is a perfect PC monitor for most uses. It has wide viewing angles, excellent ergonomics and excellent handling of reflection, so it is a very good choice for use in the office or multimedia. The movement looks great thanks to the excellent response time and has a low input delay, so it’s a great choice for games as well. Unfortunately, even though it supports HDR, this doesn’t add much due to low peak brightness and low contrast. Dell S2721DGFThe Dell 27 S2721DGF gaming monitor is ideal for games. It has an excellent response time, resulting in clear movement with little blurring behind fast-moving objects, whether you’re playing on a high-end PC or console. It also has a low entry delay, for a responsive gaming experience. Finally, it supports AMD FreeSync technology for variable update frequency and is certified to work with NVIDIA G-SYNC-compatible mode.

Dell S2721DGF is a great choice for media creators. The large high-resolution display makes it easier to see more of your work at once. It has excellent ergonomics and an outstanding horizontal viewing angle, so you can easily share your screen with customers or colleagues. It also has an exceptional range of SDR colors, with a great coverage of the Adobe RGB color space.Photo:Dell Dell S2721DGF

Dell S2721DGF is an excellent office monitor. The 27″ 1440p screen is ideal for multitasking, and has wide viewing angles, great if you often share your screen with someone else. It has great reflection management and high peak brightness in SDR, so glare shouldn’t be a problem in a bright room. Unfortunately, it has a low contrast ratio and poor black uniformity, so it’s not ideal if you’re in a dark room.

Dell S2721DGF monitor specs:


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