Review-LG UN8500 TV-latest HDMI ports, 120Hz, quick response time…

The LG UN8500 has a perfect design and looks a lot like the LG UN7300. It’s a simple-looking TV with thick bezel that’s not flush with the screen, so it stands out a bit. It’s pretty well built and made entirely of plastic, but there are wobly and parts that flex easily.

The LG UN8500 is very good for video games. It has a 120Hz panel, but does not support any Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) technology. The input delay is low and has a fast response time, but you may notice the duplication of images with fast motion content due to the flickering of the backlight. It increases the content well 1080p, but there are some minor issues when viewing the native 4k content.
The LG UN8500 is good for HDR games. It has a low input delay and a fast response time, but you may notice the duplication of the image due to 120 Hz flashing backlighting. Unfortunately, the HDR content does not look good because it does not show a wide range of colors, it can not be bright enough to blow the reflections and have a low contrast ratio.LG UN8500 TV

HDMI speeds are faster than ever
LG UHD UN8500 TVs feature newer HDMI ports, which support a larger bandwidth for higher frame rates for sports and games. Get a game advantage with less input delay, low latency automatic mode, and higher responsiveness.

The LG UN8500 is decent for watching TV shows. Although it has a decent reflection management, it is better to place it in dim or moderately lit rooms because it does not get very bright. The viewing angles are quite wide if you tend to walk while watching TV. Increase low-resolution content, for example from cable boxes, without any problem.LG UN8500 TVThe LG UN8500 is high-quality TV for use as a computer monitor. It has quite wide viewing angles, so the image is still accurate if you sit up close. It has a decent reflection management if you want to place it in a moderately lit room, but it doesn’t get very bright. Displays 4:4:4 chroma with a resolution of 4k to 60 Hz, but has a higher input delay in that resolution, so you may notice some write delay.LG UN8500 TV 1 1

The LG UN8500 is a very good, basic-level TV. Sold in large sizes, 65 to 86 inches, and is designed primarily for large seating arrangements where you sit far away from the TV. Most of the dimensions, including the 65-inch model we tested, have IPS panels that provide quite wide viewing angles. It also has a low contrast ratio, so blacks appear closer to gray when seen in the dark. It has a 120Hz panel, fast response time and low input delay for games, but does not support any VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) technology. Unfortunately, it doesn’t perfectly display native 4k content, as you can notice pixels even when you’re sitting remotely. Although it has proper reflex handling, it works best in dim or moderately lit rooms because it doesn’t get bright enough to combat the glow.Photo:LG

    • Display Type  Real 4K IPS Display
    • Display Resolution  4K Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160)
    • Wide Viewing Angle  Yes (IPS Technology)
    • Backlight Type   Direct
      • Picture Processor  α7 Gen 3 Processor 4K
      • Refresh Rate   Native 120Hz
      • HDR (High Dynamic Range)  Cinema HDR (Dolby Vision®, HDR10, HLG), Dolby Vision IQ, HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping   Clarity
      • Double Step Noise Reduction, Sharpness Enhancer   Color
      • Advanced Color Enhancer, True Color Accurary
      • Resolution Upscaler   4K Upscaler
      • LG ThinQ® AI   Yes
      • Google   Google Assistant Built-in “Works with” Google Assistant
      • Alexa   Alexa Built-in “Works with” Alexa
      • Apple   Apple Airplay 2, Apple Homekit
      • Intelligent Voice Recognition   Yes
      • Home Dashboard   Yes
      • AI Picture Pro / AI Picture   AI Picture
      • Auto Genre Selection   Yes (Dolby HDR only)
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