Review – Sony X950H TV, Excellent HDR experience, Impressive response time…

The Sony X950H has a simple yet exceptional design with a thin bezel and a minimalist brand. Although the feet look thin, they are completely metallic and support the TV well. We have them as wide as possible, but they can be moved inland to accommodate smaller tables.

The Sony X950H is a great TV for almost all uses. It is well equipped to handle any kind of environment as it has a great contrast ratio that allows it to produce deep blacks, and its excellent peak brightness can easily overcome the glow. It offers a great HDR experience and extends the low-resolution content of cable TV. It has a quick response time and a low input delay, but there are no advanced gaming features like VRR. It is able to display 4:4:4 chroma and is immune to permanent combustion, so it is a very good choice for use as a PC monitor.Sony X950HThe Sony X950H is a impressive 4k TV that offers an awesome HDR experience with its high peak brightness and impressive color range. It has full matrix local attenuation to further enhance its already great contrast ratio, so it’s a very good choice for displaying dark rooms. Like its predecessor, the Sony X950G, it has excellent color accuracy and impressive motion management; however, the lack of variable update frequency support is disappointing. Although Sony’s “X-Wide Angle” layer is already available in some of the smaller and larger variants, the viewing angles remain mediocre and not ideal for wide seat arrangements. On the plus side, reflection management has improved significantly and so has gray uniformity, which is good news for sports fans.
The X950H is a great TV for watching movies. It works great in dark rooms thanks to its high contrast ratio, full-range local attenuation and excellent black uniformity. It increases low-resolution movies well and can remove the judder from all sources. However, low frame rate content, such as movies, may seem to stutter due to the TV’s quick response time.Sony X950H

The Sony X950H is a good gaming TV. Its high contrast ratio and exceptional black uniformity make it a good choice for darkroom games. Their entry delay is quite low for most casual players and remains low in all resolutions. The response time is excellent, so the fast-moving scenes seem clear, but it lacks variable refresh rate support to reduce screen tearing.
The X950H is a good TV for HDR games. It has a fast response time that results in very little motion blur, and offers a great HDR experience thanks to its high peak brightness and wide range of colors. The input delay is low, even when using 10-bit HDR, however, there is no support for any variable refresh frequency technology.Photo:SONYSony X950H

The Sony X950H is a great TV to use as a PC monitor. It has a very low input delay and very fast response time, resulting in a responsive desktop experience. It supports 4:4:4 chroma in all resolutions and its VA panel is immune to permanent burns. However, their viewing angles are mediocre, so the edges of the screen may look inaccurate if you feel close.

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