Ricoh Theta S VR 360-degree camera-Wi-Fi and 8GB of storage built in

Ricoh Theta S VR 360-degree camera-Wi-Fi and 8GB of storage built in

The Ricoh Theta S VR camera looks superb and it works very well. It connects through its Wi-Fi network,
and its 4 buttons give very good control without requiring its application.It stands up on its own and has a tripod socket.

There is 8GB of storage space built in, which holds about 63 minutes of video.The exposure controls offer auto,shutter
or ISO priority and full guide, plus EV compensation.
The Theta S records up to 25 minutes per video clip.

Shooting video or photos is simple whether you do it from the iOS application or using the Theta S as a standalone device.
The app shows the camera’s 360-degree view live, and it
can transfer photos as they are shot.Photos can have areas
blurred or be transferred to a separate app for editing and enhancing.ricohthetas

Its Wi-Fi network is slow to transfer 360-degree video clips to iPhone, but USB to your Mac is an solution.There’s a Mac
application for converting media,which can be shared to Tumblr,Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the Theta360 site.

RICOH THETA S is compatible with the new Google Street View app. The app allows you to capture and publish your photo spheres instantly to Google Maps for people all over the world to explore. You can either shoot photo spheres in the app, or connect it to spherical cameras like RICOH THETA S.

Shutter speed Still image- 1/6400 seconds to 1/8 seconds, (Manual Mode) 1/6400 seconds to 60 seconds
Video: (L) 1/8000 seconds to 1/30 seconds, (M) 1/8000 seconds to 1/15 seconds
Live streaming: (USB) 1/8000 seconds to 1/15 seconds, (HDMI) 1/8000 seconds to 1/30 secondsricohthetas

Power source- Lithium ion battery (built in)

White balance mode- Still image- Auto, Outdoor, Shade, Cloudy, Incandescent light 1, Incandescent light 2, Daylight color fluorescent light, Natural white fluorescent light, White fluorescent light, Light bulb color fluorescent light *5
Video: Auto
Live streaming: Auto

Photo source-Ricoh

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