Ring Floodlight Cam – security camera with built-in floodlights, a siren alarm & two-way audio

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Ring could have been so easily a company with a single product, relying on the success of its video ring bell. It has not rested on its laurels and has expanded its system to include multiple cameras, including the versatile Ring Up indoor and outdoor CAM rings. With the Ring Floodlight CAM, the company returns to the security of the front yard, adding in the comfort and protection of a motion-activated floodlight next to a security camera.

Bright and flexible lighting makes this an attractive product, but slightly limited installation options may limit its use in some cases.

Ring Floodlight CAM – Design and quality of construction

Available in black or white, the Ring Floodlight CAM is a piece of thick kit. It is divided into three main components, connected to a single support: two adjustable reflectors and the main camera/PIR motion sensor. As with previous Ring products we tried, the Floodlight Cam is well made and feels solid and reliable.

The installation requires the wiring of the camera to the mains, as this model does not have a plug. If you already have an external light, then you may be able to do a quick exchange; If not, you may need to call a professional.

Ring Floodlight Cam – Features

Once in place and activated, the Ring application is used to install and configure the camera. It is trivial to connect the Floodlight camera to your Wi-Fi (it uses a 2.4 GHz connection), and most importantly it has a wireless signal strong enough for your front door.

Once the camera is connected, and you can watch the live streaming, it’s worth adjusting the camera to get the best view. There is a 270 degree lens at the front, so you shouldn’t need much adjustment to capture the area you want. It’s also worth turning on the lights and pointing them wherever you want.

Motion detection for the security camera is handled through the camera, not the PIR sensor. That’s a good move, because it gives you more control over the operation. There is a slider to set the sensitivity, with the lowest setting only warning when a person is detected; Higher settings will activate the camera for greater movement. To further reduce false positives, you can configure motion zones to only monitor part of the image.

You can permanently disable motion alerts to your phone, but you cannot turn off the recording manually. If you find that camera alerts are becoming annoying-for instances when you have workers come and go, for example-you can temporarily postpone them.

If you want a camera that can also duplicate it as a security light, then the main competition is the NETATMO presence, as there is nothing like these two cameras on our list of the best security camera. The presence has intelligent object detection that allows you to choose whether to turn on lights for people, vehicles and animals. The Netatmo camera also records on the SD card, so it does not require subscriptions.

That said, the Ring Floodlight CAM is brighter and has two high power LEDs that allow you to illuminate specific areas of your garden. It uses a PIR sensor to turn the light on and off, but the configuration of this is very flexible.

Where Ring wins through NETATMO is with its cloud storage at a reasonable price and a slightly easier to use application. If you already have other ring products, such as Ring video doorbell or ring Stick Up CAM, then the Ring Floodlight Cam will perfectly fit your home, too.

Ring Floodlight CAM key Specifications:

Price: £249
Built-in microphone and speaker
1080p sensor
Amazon Alexa support
Activity zones
30-day video history (with subscription)
270-degree field of view
Dual LED floodlights


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