Rotel C8+ Class AB Custom Installation Amplifier

The powerful C8+ amplifier from Rotel is designed specifically to supply massive amounts of power to specially configured audio systems. Four separate audio output zones and eight channels of pure Class AB amplification are present. Matrixed digital and analog inputs are also available on the C8+ back panel for connecting other sources. Your speakers are in safe hands with this amplifier thanks to its unique design and high-current power supply.

Rotel C8+
Rotel C8+ Class AB Custom Installation Amplifier

Rotel has experience in producing powerful amplifiers. In fact, they create a large portion of their own internal parts and circuitry. For clean, reliable power, the Rotel C8+ uses a specially created, larger toroidal transformer. Bulk storage smoothing capacitors are another component that gives the C8+ precise control over bass frequencies.

Inside the C8+, Rotel decided to use four high-performance digital-to-analog converter chips from Texas Instruments. When you’re using a digital source, such as a CD player, those processors are in charge of managing the challenging conversion from digital to analog. The maximum resolution supported by each of the amplifier’s two optical and two coaxial digital inputs is 24-bit/192kHz.Rotel C8+This amplifier uses some creative methods to send signal across your house. Its four RCA analog inputs as well as the digital inputs described before are matrixed to all zones. This implies that you can separately allocate the inputs (for instance, assigning digital input A to Zone 1) or have any input play across any zone or zones.

Even better, you may simultaneously broadcast crucial announcements from your PA system across all zones using the Priority Zone PA Override option. photo: Rotel

While that may seem like a lot to keep track of, switching between zones and sources is simple thanks to the front panel display. You may identify each input and zone on the C8+’s user-friendly interface to make it easier to remember what’s connected. Additionally, you can change the volume of each zone and the bass and treble settings for each zone separately.

Rotel C8+ features:
8-channel multi-zone Class AB amplifier driving all channels at 150 watts per channel into 4 ohms at 0.1% THD and 100 watts per channel into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) (300 watts per channel when bridged)
oversized toroidal transformer custom-designed for clean power
four Texas Instruments 24-bit/192kHz digital-to-analog converter chips
frequency response: 10-100,000 Hz (± 0.5 dB)
signal-to-noise ratio: 100 dB (102 dB for digital section)
detachable power cord
rack-mounting hardware includedRotel C8+

four pairs of unbalanced stereo RCA inputs
two optical digital inputs
two coaxial digital inputs
all inputs are matrixed across all zones
one pair of unbalanced stereo RCA line outputs for feeding signal to another amplifier
3.5mm 12-volt trigger in/out for power control by external components
RS-232 port allows integration with compatible home automation products
Ethernet port for network connection, software updates, and integration with home audio products

front-panel display shows selected source, volume level, settings, and more
menu navigation and setting selection via function buttons on the right-hand side of the front panel
labeled zone buttons for turning speaker zones on and off
bridge switches on the rear panel for bridging channels together
input “A” can be set to stereo or mono by using the rear-panel switch
when set to “mono”, the left and right signals are combined and each speaker using input A as a source receives a mono signal


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