Samsung 98-inch Q950R 8K – It’s a stunning display!

Is there space, figuratively and literally, for an 8K TV in your life?
It is easily questionable that unless you are faking for a screen that is larger than 65 inches, you will not see any benefit of the upcoming 8K TV revolution. Any smaller than this and the fine details they deliver are lost unless you feel uncomfortable near the screen.

Despite offering a range of sizes for its new 8K screens, Samsung seems to be of a similar mindset-it’s pushing it’s TVs 75 inches harder this year, with the Samsung 98-inch Q950R 8K cream your crop.
The Samsung Q950R will be available in four different sizes; 65 inches, 75 inches, 82 inches and 98 inches. They all will be available March of 2019, but prices have not yet been disclosed. Put it this way – if you have to ask, then you probably can’t afford it.

For reasons of comparison, the 85 inches 8K Q900R, upwards to 2019, costs $14,999, which translates into about £11,600.Then wait for a significant sign for the model 98 inches.

Keeping the screen free of wiring distractions, the Q950R makes use of the Samsung One Connect box, which extracts all the ports and connections into a unit that is outside the screen, connected only by a single thin cable to the screen itself. For the Samsung Q950R, the One Connect box has been updated to support the HDMI 2.1 standard, which can handle 8K video sources at 60 frames per second.

The Samsung Q950R offers an amazing image. The highlight is of course the native content of 8K, and during the demo showcase we saw the screen in, we were amazed by the quality of its color reproduction, brightness and motion processing. With Samsung’s QLED technology, it’s pushing unsanitary brightness levels up to 4000nits, with a direct Full array backlight that allows for refined brightness and contrast management to bring a real depth to a scene.

Using an automatic learning technique that is calling the Super resolution, Samsung is capable of 4K images of luxury and lower resolutions up to that new standard 8K. You are tracing a huge database of video content to fill gaps in image data from low-resolution sources, taking further details of textures in low-quality images, as well as avoiding noises and compressing artifacts during Softer edge sharpness and high-definition fonts.

It is a super-resolution resizing that makes the Samsung Q950R a daily workable screen to some extent, bringing out great results from older video content, although native 8K fonts are real money shots.

The Samsung Q950R seems ready to set the standard for 8K TVs that come, intelligently linking the gap between the Full HD and 4K fonts and the new 8K ultra-high screen thanks to some very clever scaling techniques.

It is at the forefront of Home Theater technology, however, and so anyone investing in it should of course expect some teething problems – this is going to have a huge price, and waiting for 8K native content to go mainstream (when the industry It’s just now reaching ITH 4K, it will be a long one. And so the questions will be: For the 8K time content is at the end everywhere, the capabilities of this 8K screen will look long on the tooth? And so will a first rate 4K TV be the best investment in the next five years or so? Probably. But this looks like the top of the update technology and panel today – and if you can’t wait for the discoveries tomorrow, the Samsung Q950R will definitely put a smile on the face of any CINEPHILE.



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