Send all your files wirelessly with Software Data Cable

Software Data Cable app-Connect phones, PC, tablets, Mac and TV – send contents including files, folders, photos, video etc.,wirelessly at lightning fast speed. One stop solution from all your file transfer needs concerning your Android gadget.

Tips for new users:

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Install app “Software Data Cable” via Google Play Store

Open the app and start “CONNECT PC” service

Tap “Connect PC” and scan above QR code with phone to get connected

• The fewer cables to carry the better
• Seamlessly data transfer without cost
• Keep files on phone in continuous sync with PC or cloud

Main features
• Send contents (file, folder, app, video, mp3 etc.) to other phones wirelessly
• Send contents to computer (and vice versa) without USB data cable
• Easy to use – scan QR code to connect PC and other phone
• Send contents to nearby devices with single tap
• Sync folders to family storage (PC, laptop etc.) and cloud automatically
• File manager – organize and manage your files and apps
• Transfer speed up to 300Mb/s
• Standard file transfer protocol
• No mobile data plan impact
• Secure data transfer in private network
• Extend mobile storage space without cost

• Stability improvement (fewer crashes and freezes)
• Usability improvement (sync data with SEND or RECEIVE)
• UI improvement (RECEIVE uses a radar view to search senders)

Connect phones, tablets with single tap and share contents (files, folders, movie, music etc.) freely – no need for a Wi-Fi network or mobile data plan.

One stop solution from all your file transfer needs concerning your Android gadget.

The fewer cables to carry the better;Seamlessly data transfer without cost;Send contents (file, folder, app, game, video, mp3 etc.) to other phones wirelessly.

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