Send and receive fax from your iPhone

In this world we live, having flexibility in terms of location and space is very important. Technology has helped us in this regard, primarily with the introduction of laptops and more recently with the development of smartphone technology. The iPhone was a device that changed the playing field in smartphone technology and we can use it for different things; Now you can also send and receive faxes from your iPhone.fax iphone

To start using this technology you need the help of a fax e-mail service.

What are email fax services?

These are companies that have powerful fax servers that can convert ax images into digital files and vice versa. They have become the preferred way to send and receive faxes due to the increased speed of delivery and the wide range of features they bring, including, the ability to send faxes using an iPhone. One of the main advantages of using a service is that they provide a virtual fax number, which is essential if you want to receive digital faxes from faxes.

Fax Reception

Once you have a valid fax account via email, you are ready to start sending faxes. Let’s start by downloading a mobile fax app. Go to the App Store and find a fax to an app that matches your service. Please note that the services offer these apps for free, so stay away from paid alternatives that only carry more charges.

To use the app, you will be asked to enter your fax account details. Enter them and the app will be completely unlocked for you. There you will find different configuration options that vary depending on each service, but you can immediately receive the fax with your iPhone. You can choose to receive instant notifications from incoming faxes, or you can simply check your iPhone from time to time to see if new messages have arrived.

The application will allow you to review, store and even forward the received fax to other recipients.

Sending a fax

To send a fax, you must access the application and choose one of two methods to compose a fax. The first one is quite simple. You must type the message directly with the touch keypad on your phone. The second allows you to use your iPhone’s camera to take a picture of a document you want to fax. The document will then be optimized to ensure that it is 100% readable on the receiving side.

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