Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin – easy way to build dynamic content for your site

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin – easy way to build dynamic content for your site

Slider Revolution is a premium slider available as a WordPress plugin and Magento extension. It has gained great popularity in the WordPress community due to its wide range of features and ease of use.

Slider Revolution: what makes this plugin so great!?
There are a lot of great features built into Slider Revolution to make creating custom sliders for your website easy. Here are some of our favorites.Slider Revolution WordPress Plugin

Layouts and responsiveness

Slider Revolution has changed its focus a bit to be more than just a slider. From the update of version 6, of course, you can create beautiful animated sliders, as well as carousels and scenes (a single slide used as the page generator line). The plugin is also responsive ready with a new smart inheritance option. Therefore, instead of simply shrinking the slider on mobile devices, the items will be resized or reduced so that the slider or form is readable and optimized by device.

Multiple content sources
Want to create a slider for your posts? Or for your WooCommerce products? It’s not a problem: Choose from 9 different content sources when creating the slider.

Starting with writing this post, Slider Revolution supports content based on:


Default/Custom: Upload your images/videos
Posts: Choose from blog posts, custom post types, specific input IDs, or use the current post or page (great if you want to add a foreground slider to your blog post or portfolio item)
WooCommerce: Show your products
Social networks: in particular Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo
Simple options
Slider Revolution allows you to easily create custom sliders by adding options for almost anything. Choose slide delay, navigation arrows, custom fonts, add parallax backgrounds, slider position (add margins), add media layers, insert buttons, select slide transitions and more using drop-down menus throughout the plugin.

And on top of that you can customize almost everything and even save your own presets to make reusing font styles, slide transitions, layer animations and easier.

Media support
Add text, links, images, video, and audio with just a few clicks of your mouse. This gives you the ability to create information-rich slides that your readers and customers can identify with. In addition, each of these types of media files is added as their own level with unique animations, time, and styles set using the super Scroll Revolution options. Get Slider Revolution

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