Snapchat Spectacles glasses-No geofilter,but very good camera,SD or HD video…

Snapchat Spectacles glasses are far less bulky and gaudy than most of the
augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headsets we’ve tested, such as the Microsoft HoloLens
Development Edition and the Oculus Rift.In simple fact,you
may even say that they are trendy, which isn’t a word you usually hear associated with wearable tech.
The design and style of the glasses is all circles and curves, with
some cool ridges near the nose bridge-no boxy edges or large camera modules as on Google Glass.
We got our hands on a pair of classic black shades, which measure 5.25 inches across from arm to
arm, with a 1.0-inch-wide bridge, and 6 inches from the front of the lens to the back of the temple.The glasses
themselves are pretty light, at 1.76 ounces.snapchat Spectacles

Spectacles have dual outward-facing cameras, one in the corner of each lens,with a yellow ring surrounding
each.The actual camera modules are hidden between the frame hinges and temples, so your eyes aren’t
immediately drawn to a sticking out camera box.
A few additional items are squeezed into the clear-plastic tube in which
Spectacles are packaged, including a bright-yellow felt charging case, a USB
charging cable, and a cleaning cloth shaped like-you guessed it-the Snapchat
ghost. No instruction manuals are included in the box aside from a quick three-step
diagram showing how to pair the Spectacles to your Snapchat app.

To start, plug in the USB cable and attach it to the back of the charging case,
then lay the Spectacles in the case. The minimal style and design of the Spectacles
makes it subtle to spot, but there’s another magnetic charging port within the
left hinge. It’s visible only when they’re folded, so you need to fold the glasses
and lay them with the hinges lining up with the case’s small ledges. The left
ledge has a matching port,and you’ll feel a magnetic snap when they latch in
and start charging.

The Spectacles and charging case each has a single button next to their charging
ports. If you simply turn the Spectacles on while charging, the LED ring lights up
according to how full the battery is. If you see a full ring, you’re completely ready to go. A
full charge gets you around 100 snaps, and once the case itself is fully charged,
it holds an additional four complete charges for the Spectacles before you need to plug it in again.
Spectacles shoot with a 115-degree lens, which Snap says is meant to mimic the human eye. Once you’re back in the
app, Snapchat gives you the option to view a standard (SD) or HD video version.
The most interesting detail in snaps shot with a pair of
Spectacles is video orientation. In edit mode, the Snapchat app lets you tab through each snap to add the
typical array of filters and stickers etc.One neat feature I found is that after adding captions or
images to a video, whatever objects you add will lurch left and right as the video changes orientation. If I
turned left and looked up with the Spectacles, the text or objects would lightly distort in that direction to give
the viewer a more immersive sense of my perspective.It’s a subtle little way of Snap showing off what its new
toy can do.snapchatspectacles
Each additional press of the snap button adds 10secs to your video, for a max of 30 seconds.Press down
for 2 seconds to quit recording.
Spectacles are a no-brainer for Snapchat
fans. The implementation between the hardware and the Snapchat application is
smooth, and the glasses really enhance the Snapchat experience. Spectacles add
just more than enough new options and hands-free advantage to make them a
worthwhile addition to the Snapchat experience at a relatively acceptable price.
For Snapchat fans, it’s easy to make a decision to buy a pair of Spectacles.They are a
simply executed and natural-feeling extension to the social experience of snapping the world as your eyes see it.
Snapchat Spectacles price – $129.99.
Minimum Device Requirements
Please ensure your mobile device is up to date
iPhone 5 and later, running iOS 8 and above
Android devices running Android 4.3 and above with BLE and Wi-Fi Direct

photo source:Spectacles