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Solution: VLC Not Playing on Popcorn Time?

The below steps would show you how to play and watch Popcorn Time videos or streamings on VLC media player:

Make sure you have downloaded and installed both Popcorn Time and VLC media player on your pc.
Start Popcorn Time client on your computer.
On the primary user interface, locate the target movie, and then double click the movie you want to playback.
Popcorn Time will begin to load target video. It will play back loaded movie after loading completes.
On your pc, launch VLC media player and then click the “Media > Stream” option on the menu bar.
On the “Open Media” window, click the “+Add” button and after that navigate to the loaded movie in Popcorn Time folder for loading it to VLC media player.
Once you find target Popcorn Time loaded video, check it and click on the “Open” button.
Next, follow the on-screen suggestions to continue.
Then, the Popcorn Time video will show up in VLC media player.


Popcorn Time is a excellent solution to take pleasure in online videos and streams. You may get multiple options to help you solve the problem of VLC can’t play Popcorn Time videos. You could check out to modify the VLC media player and Popcorn Time configurations, or turn to Popcorn Time video converter software regarding to your own requirements.

VLC Not Playing on Popcorn Time, How to Fix?

Occasionally, VLC media player might not play Popcorn Time movies or videos for you. How to fix this issue? In fact, there are 3 efficient solutions for you to turn to.vlcbb

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Download and Install VLC in the Default Location

For Windows users, the default VLC application installation folder is C:\Program Files
For macOS users, VLC player must be installed in the /Applications location

Change VLC Settings

You could also adjust the VLC media player settings to make it run on Popcorn Time video playback:

Start up VLC media player.
Click “Tools > Preferences” window.
Tap “Video > Output” option and then open the drop-down options.
Select “Automatic > Save” button successively.
Close and quit VLC media player and after that relaunch it again.

Load Popcorn Time Movies to VLC

You can also manually load Popcorn Time videos to VLC media player for playback:

Open Popcorn Time, select a desired movie you want to watch and tap “Watch Now” to play it. Don’t pick any external video player.
Right after the Popcorn Time movie gets smooth playback, run VLC video player.
In VLC, click “Media” > Open File > Downloads > Popcorn Time > tap “Preload” file folder > open the folder with the specific date > select the Popcorn Time movie you’re playing.
Now, this movie is switching to VLC player for playback. Make sure your VLC is release 3.0.8 or above.


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