Sonos Move 2 Full-size portable speaker – impressive!

The Sonos Move 2, a high-end battery-powered wifi and Bluetooth speaker, has received a comprehensive upgrade, boasting double the battery life, impressive stereo sound, and new touch controls.

Priced at £449, the Move 2 is not your typical portable speaker. Designed to serve as a versatile sound system for both indoor and outdoor use, it weighs 3kg and shares a similar size to a conventional bookshelf speaker.

Functionally, it resembles its counterpart, the Era 100, but with the addition of a battery, allowing it to be moved between rooms, outdoors, or in a vehicle. Like its 2020 predecessor, the Sonos Move 2 outperforms nearly all competitors in its category, delivering superior sound quality comparable to larger boom boxes, especially at higher volumes.

Sonos Move 2
Sonos Move 2

Externally, the Sonos Move 2 maintains the robustness of its predecessor, being drop, water, dust, sun, and cold resistant. It connects to a router via wifi 6, enabling streaming from over 100 different services such as Spotify and BBC Sounds, all manageable through the Sonos app on a smartphone.

Equipped with stereo tweeters and a central woofer concealed beneath its curved grille, the Move 2 delivers powerful sound with substantial bass. Its sound profile is characterized by wide dispersion, crisp highs, and well-defined mids, with remarkable vocal clarity even amidst heavy basslines.

Operational enhancements include an adjustable equalizer through the Sonos app and automatic tuning to optimize sound based on the environment. It supports pairing with another speaker for stereo sound and integration into a multi-room audio system.

If you’re familiar with Sonos products, using the Move 2 will feel like a breeze right from the setup. For newcomers to Sonos, you’ll appreciate its seamless and intuitive operation, particularly when navigating the well-designed app. Whether setting up initially or simply enjoying daily playback, using the Move 2 to play music is hassle-free regardless of your preferred method.

Sonos Move 2
-Sonos Move 2

The app provides access to a vast array of streaming services and internet radio stations, spanning from Absolute Radio and Apple Music to Tidal and TuneIn. Additionally, you can customize various speaker settings, integrate the Move 2 into a broader Sonos multi-room setup (if you have other Sonos devices), and create stereo pairs with two Move 2 units.

A notable difference between a typical Bluetooth speaker and a Sonos Bluetooth speaker is that setting up the Move 2 requires using the app and connecting it to Wi-Fi before Bluetooth connectivity is possible. While this may seem like an additional step, considering the various playback options available with the Sonos Move 2, it’s a necessary part of the process. Moreover, Wi-Fi connectivity is essential for utilizing the Move 2’s additional features, such as voice commands, Amazon Alexa, Sonos Voice Control, and streaming music via Bluetooth to a stereo pair.

With the Sonos app, you can conveniently monitor the Move 2’s battery life, as it displays a small icon and percentage next to its name. The Move 2’s battery life has now doubled to 24 hours, a significant improvement over its previous duration of 10-11 hours.

Voice control is facilitated through Amazon’s Alexa and the Sonos voice assistant, which operates locally on the device for improved responsiveness and privacy. Notably, the Move 2’s battery life has doubled compared to its predecessor, lasting up to 24 hours of playback.

Despite its premium features and performance, the Move 2’s price tag may deter some buyers, especially considering the absence of Google Assistant support and spatial audio/Dolby Atmos capabilities. Additionally, its size and weight may limit its portability compared to smaller alternatives.

However, its long-term software support, replaceable battery, and top-notch sound quality make it a compelling option for those seeking a single, durable speaker solution for various environments.

Sonos Move 2
Full-size portable Bluetooth speaker Move 2 – images: Sonos

How does Sonos Move 2 differ from the original Move?

Sonos Move 2 introduces a revamped acoustic design, incorporating an extra tweeter for enhanced stereo sound. It boasts a more robust battery, offering approximately 24 hours of playback time, which is double that of the original Move. Additionally, Move 2 comes in new color options, features updated touch controls, and offers the capability to connect external audio sources such as turntables using the Sonos Line-In Adapter. The Wireless Charging Base has been upgraded, now with a detachable and more compact adapter. Furthermore, Move 2 allows for the simultaneous use of WiFi and Bluetooth, enabling Bluetooth audio playback throughout your Sonos system, among other improvements.


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