Sony STR-DN1080 Home Theatre AV Receiver review & specs

A new dimension in sound with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X
Dolby Atmos uses speakers from shooting on the ceiling or up to produce a multidimensional and engaging sound that is a combination of the best cinemas. DTS:X literally pushes the boundaries of what you’d expect from the home theater. Represents three-dimensional images that conventional processing cannot match. It also easily adapts to the configuration of existing speakers.
Optimized for 4K UHD and HDR
Sony STR DN1080 offers flexible HDMI connectivity on all six inputs and both outputs. It supports HDCP 2.2 and HDR, which means you can play UHD Blu-ray discs and stream UltraHD videos with the highest quality. It also comes with a 4K scale, which gives you the most detailed image on your 4K TV from all sources. HDMI jacks allow 4K switching, for seamless switching and display without turning on the receiver.Sony STRDN1080Powerful and immersive sound
When it comes to power, the latest STR-DN1080 is as impressive as ever. Sony is capable of emitting 165W per 6-ohm channel, allowing great flexibility in choosing speakers and room sizes. Sony’s STRDN1080 uses a solid chassis and beam chassis for vibration resistance and the lowest possible sound distortion. It also uses specially selected components, equipped with ES grade welding, for classy-leading sound quality.
Bi-amp for superior sound
This Sony 7.2 receiver can also be used in Bi-amp mode. With channels changed to 5.1, bi-amplification provides separate amplification to the bass and highs of the front speakers (bi-wirable front speakers are required). The end result provides tighter control and wider, more dynamic sound, both in stereo and surround mode.

Compatible with high-resolution audio
In addition to offering room shaking power, the Sony STRDN1080 also supports high-resolution audio. This offers much more natural sound than standard audio. STR-DN1080 supports 5.6 MHz DSD decoding over USB and network connections.

Google Chromecast built-in
Chromecast lets you stream music, podcasts, and audio apps, including Google Play, at the touch of a button. Having it integrated saves battery life on your phone, as your phone’s Bluetooth transmission system is not used for this purpose. Being able to stream directly from the cloud also offers the best audio quality.

Collect your music with Sony SongPal
Download SongPal to your smartphone or tablet and take control of your music collection. Just connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and you’ll have seamless access to all your favorite tracks, whether they’re stored on your PC, server, or online music service. The app can also be used to customize audio settings to ensure excellent and balanced audio and control multi-room listening.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth with NFC, and Apple AirPlay making streaming easier
With Ethernet and Wi-Fi integrated along with Support for Apple’s AirPlay and BLUETOOTH NFC, Sony covers all network bases. NFC via Bluetooth allows you to effortlessly sync portable devices compatible with a simple drive shot next to the special remote control. With AirPlay you can stream music from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or iTunes along with compatible music apps like Spotify (premium account required for full features), directly to the handset.

At home with the most sophisticated systems and TVs, the Sony STR-DN1080 is at the heart of the magic of home theater.
7.2channel, HDMI 6in-2out, 7channel +2 Phantom surround back, 4K HDR, 60p 4:4:4, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Upgradeable software. Works with Apple AirPlay, supports iPhone, iPad, iPod., Mac
Great network connectivity, streaming, Atmos, DTS-X, etc. Object-based audio formats.
Works well with AppleTV4k streaming music, movies, YouTube. Spotify, Chromecast built-in.
The output from 7x165w to 6 ohm impedance, supports the speaker connection from 6-16 ohm, has 2 subwoofer outputs.Sony STRDN1080Compatible with wired/wireless, Bluetooth, and USB network connections. Hdmi.
Supports 4K HDR and HDCP 2.2 video. eARC.
Stereo microphone provided to automatically calibrate the audio speaker profile in an optimal listening environment, allowing compensation for suboptly speaker designs.
Allows bi-amping front speakers, for example, separate inputs to tweeters.
Audio fields can be selected by preference, while the user can adjust the speaker output preference to ignore automatic settings, but I found that the automatic setup menu did a good job.
Dynamic performance actually brings the sound effects in sight in movies, and the dialogue is clearer between the action.

It lacks preamp outputs and has no Phono input.
The remote control receiver lacks a backlit display, otherwise it is clear and functional.
I had trouble connecting powered submarines, they were still going on standby and not making sounds even though the configuration had detected them in automatic calibration. After disconnecting the receiver subcarrier and touching your finger towards the middle end of the cable, the submarine was sounding, so I reduced the volume on the submarine to 1/3 and the maximum crossing frequency to steer, so that the AVR could handle the low-frequency crossing to the submarines, then I went back to the speaker settings in the AVR configuration and increased the output to +3db on the submarines to increase the trigger signal, after which they detected the signal to turn on, and they did the expectation.

Summary: At this price Sony STR-DN1080 offers great specifications compared to alternative brands in this highly competitive prosumer market segment. The weight of the receiver is much lower than my previous ones, probably due to smaller power transformers and changes in the way power outputs are classified, I prefer old-school RMS ratings as the truest indication of actual performance, and these are available on audiophile test sites. Sony STR-DN1080 price £429.
The Sony STR DN1080 works well when watching 4K HD content and can easily extend previous formats and current audio technology. You may need to update hdmi cables to achieve a full

Sony STR-DN1080 Home Theatre AV Receiver specs:

Brand Sony
Colour Black
Apple AirPlay Yes
Power Output – Watts per CH 165 x 7 (6 ohms)
Dolby ProLogic Surround No
HDMI Audio Yes
HDMI 6 in/2 out (HDCP 2.2 – 6/2)
Component No
Multi Channel Input No
Coaxial Inputs 1
Optical Inputs 1
Active Subwoofer Output Yes
Audio Inputs 4
DLNA Compliant Yes
Wireless Connection Yes
Internet Radio Services Yes
Multiroom Zone 2 Active/Passive
Eco Friendly No
Power Consumption- Normal Use 240
Tuner Radio FM
Remote Control yes
App Control Yes
Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 430 x 331 x 156
Weight (KG) 10
Bluetooth Yes
HDMI Zone Out Yes
Dolby Atmos Yes
HDR Compatible HDMI Yes
Phono Input No
4K Upscaling yes
Channels 7.2/5.2.2
Coaxial Outputs No
Optical Outputs No

DSD Native Playback , DSEE HX , Pure Direct , Sound Optimizer , Center Speaker Lift Up , Digital Legato Linear, In-Ceiling Speaker Mode
D.C.A.C. EX ;Speaker Relocation ;Phantom Surround Back ;Automatic Phase Matching ;Calibration Mic (Stereo)
Yes / –
TTL30 (30 / -)
6 / 2
Audio Input Opt (1) ;Audio Input Coax (1) ;Analog Audio Input (4) ;Pre Out Subwoofer (2) ;Composite Monitor Out (1) ;Headphone Output (1) ;USB (1 Front) ;Ethernet Port (1)
Front A , Center , Surround , Surround Back , Zone2 (Common with Surround Back) , Height (Common with Surround Back),Front B (Common with Surround Back) , Bi-AMP (Common with Surround Back)