Sony Z9D 4K HDR Android TV-Netflix Recommended TV and much more

In the 2017,4K content usage seems to have really been on the rise.This was mostly due to reasonably priced
mobile phones recording 4K content,internet streaming services,just like Netflix offering 4K content and new TVs
selling on the market worldwide supporting 4K.However,just high resolution only is not enough.
The next big thing in TV is HDR and this top notch-of-the-line Sony Bravia Z9D is the 1st one from Sony to arrive with a
dedicated HDR X1 Extreme processor chip.Sony-Z9D

The Z9D range’s screen dimension begins from 65inches and while it goes up to 105 inches.It boasts what exactly Sony calls
a “slice of living” design and style – simple and classy.It has great cable management
at the back, keeping it free from the user’s eye-sight.The frame with the
high quality gold finish and its slim width adds to the overall design.

The very good part about setting up any Android unit is the simplicity of doing it.You can take the longer option by doing everything manually, or opt for the faster way by pairing the TV with an Android mobile device and follow the
on-screen directions to let the TV manage the rest.The latter is certainly a
better option as that allows you to use the phone’s keyboard with the TV and even use the phone into a remote control.
The TV is equipped along with 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme processor and operates in tandem with other
technologies such as X-tended Dynamic Range Pro and Backlight Master Drive among a few others.The major
change in picture quality was quite evident when we tried out a few 4K HDR and non-HDR videos and even a
game on the PS4 with the recent HDR patch.The X1 Extreme chip offers 40% more real-time image
processing in comparison to its X1 chip,while the object-based HDR remaster helps to analyze colours in specific
objects. The dual database processing can help to reduce the on-screen noise as
well as scale up the resolution. The final result is a a lot more life-like watching
experience.Sony-Z9D back
Using Android OS also has its benefits,such as support for Android applications and games from the Play
Store, Cast support and voice search.Installing and utilizing them is as easy as tapping an app’s icon on a smartphone.
If you are a Netflix subscriber,you can access via a button on the remote control to enjoy 4K HDR-enabled content.Sony Z9D is a Netflix recommended TV.
Sony Z9D arrives with a one-year warranty and though Sony offers a buy of an additional two-year
warranty, we feel the brand could have matched it with its competition which
gives up to 4 years.However,the Z9D is a superb device and the dedicated HDR processor chip really helps to
enhance the image level of quality. Sony ZD
Sony Bravia Z9D
DISPLAY & BACK-LIGHT TYPE Triluminos Display, Backlightx1
Master Drive
Google™ Cast
Photo Sharing Plus
Screen mirroring(Miracast™)
Video & TV SideView (iOS/Android)
Picture Modes: Vivid; Standard; Custom;
Cinema Pro;
Cinema Home;
Sports; Animation; Photo-Vivid; Photo-Standard; Photo-Custom;
Game; Graphics