Sony ZF9 TV 2018 – with Native 4K resolution,new X1 Ultimate processor…

Sony ZF9 looks like what it is: a serious TV. Its sturdy structure is trimmed, with no rectangular edge, and a uniform dark color if seen directly. Closely you can see that the frame has a fresh and textured finish, but this is not noticeable from a typical viewing distance.

It looks more elegant if seen from a corner. This is where you become aware of your double-layered “sandwich” design, where an elegant, metal-looking frame is stuck on the back of the front Texture.

The back of this TV stands out well beyond those of most of the other current models. personally, This is not a problem-but it could be, perhaps, if you are thinking about the wall that mounts the TV. In fact, The relatively thick back is a nice reminder of the Sony ZF9 promising direct LED backlight.

The rear panel looks very clean, thanks to its removable cover cleaning cable system and foot Channeling. Just keep in mind that the use of separate feet near the lower corners of the unit means that you will have to place the Sony ZF9 on a fairly large stand.

unfortunately, Sony did not come up with a radically redesigned remote control to accompany the ZF9. It is just a minor variant on the same phone with which the company has been blocked for Years. The design is confusing and your buttons sit too flush from the front of the headset for Convenience.

The Sony ZF9 LCD panel uses direct LED lighting with local dimming. In other words, it uses LEDs set directly behind the screen instead of around its edges, and can emit different levels of light from different clusters of its LEDs at any given Time. This approach can usually be invoked to offer superior Contrast.

However, closer investigation of the backlight system discovers a couple of limitations compared to the layout used in its predecessor ZD9. firstly, It does not use concentrated beam technology to reduce the diffusion of light. secondly, it seems to use only about 100 separate dimming zones, compared to more than 600 in the ZD9.

Hopefully Sony’s new and brilliant processor X1 Ultimate is able to compensate. On paper, It certainly seems that it could be powerful enough to accomplish this. And Sony, of course, has designed new algorithms specifically focused on managing the new backlight System.

The Ultimate X1 has a lot of other tricks on the Sleeve. Including playing your part in putting the problems of the world of LCD TV with viewing angles in Bed. As we’ll see more detail in the performance section, the colors and contrast are seen as rich if you look at the KD-65zf9 from almost straight angles as they do if you’re seeing it from directly in Front.

Sony ZF9 makes a big change in the policy of Sony TV by introducing the appropriate calibration tools for the first Time. Also on the calibration front, it displays a Netflix-calibrated image preset in the Industry. Available during the use of the Netflix application, you apply the image configuration designed in conjunction with the streaming service that must deliver your own netflix, your own vintage shows with more Precision.

In practice, with HDR shows that this leads to slightly darker images, and slightly flatter, but marginally more refined colors. SDR shows that it seems to turn off all Sony HDR extension technologies, leaving the images darker but more natural and balanced.

The Sony ZF9 is also associated with dolby, to provide support for Dolby Vision’s High Dynamic range platform. This adds Image-to-Frame image data to increase the quality of HDR Images.

This is not the end of collaboration either. There is also improved IMAX image support, which means that the set is approved by IMAX which can unlock the full image quality of the upcoming imax-approved Blu-ray to 4k Masters. Teachers who have been seemingly created using patented IMAX techniques and equipment, and who will try to preserve – whenever possible – the proportions of any IMAX sequence that a film can Hold. We will bring you more on this when the first advanced IMAX movies are Released.

KD-65ZD9 from Sony(2016) is one of the best LCD TV ever made. And the expectation for his successor must be that it will be even better. Especially considering it took two years to get There. unfortunately, this time expectations will have to be, well, Managed.

Let’s start with the amazing things: the X1 Ultimate processor is very impressive. The refinement of the transportation of the particular is outstanding. I could see detailed details on 4K Blu-rays all the time I had never seen before. Especially on a front end and distant Objects. interestingly, The medium-distance content seemed like a softer touch. In general, however, penetration into 4k native images that the KD-65ZF9 can provide is often noticeable.

The backlight deficiencies are not limited to flowering. Dark scenes usually tend to look more gray than expected, too. With the HDR content, in particular, not only is it not the same black level depth you get with OLED-TV or the Samsung Q9FN.

This limitation can also flatten the color response in the dark areas of the image, and around very bright image elements. unfortunately, There is nothing you can do about these backlight issues; They also occur with the image set to provide their optimal black levels.

One final aspect of the KD-65ZF9 images to consider is the input delay – the time it takes to process the image data received in the Connections. fortunately, players will be happy to know that, in game mode, the TV measures an input delay of only 12-18ms. This is as low as any TV right now.

The Sony ZF9 is in a terrain more consistent with its audio. Despite not having visible or front-firing loudspeakers, he hit the fourth-filled volumes without succumb to grumbly, Phutty bass; Or collapse, a big triple. On the contrary, its sound is open, clean and dynamic, and provides a lot of well rounded details without seeming inconsistent.

Whereas the old KD-65ZD9 launched with an ordering price of £5000, it’s nice to see the kd-65zf9 costing ‘ only ‘ £2799. Its new Android system and the X1 Ultimate processor offer important operational and image quality Advantages. however, This TV seems to have substantially compromised its backlight System. So much so that the background light problems intervene between you and your appreciation of the forces of KD-65zf9 too often for comfort.


COLOUR ENHANCEMENT: Live Colour™ Technology,Precision Colour Mapping,Super bit mapping™ 4K HDR,TRILUMINOS™ Display

OPERATING SYSTEM: Android™ PICTURE PROCESSOR:Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate