Soundbar Review Yamaha YAS-207

The Yamaha YAS-207 is a decent mixed use soundbar configuration. It has good stereo sound quality, but will not provide a real immersive listening experience as it lacks height channels and malfunctions with surround sound channels. This soundbar has a 2.1 setting, so all 5.1 content will be minimized to be played. On the plus side, the bar is pretty well done, offers a lot of wired and wireless options, and can get pretty strong. Whether you’re just looking for a soundbar to play good-loyalty music, play uncompressed files, or don’t care so much about an immersive experience, the YAS-207 is a great choice.Yamaha YAS-207 Soundbar

Decent for mixed use. The Yamaha YAS-207BL has good audio playback that will be suitable for most music genres and dialogue content such as podcasts and audiobooks. However, it performs less well than the peer with surround channels and does not support height channels, resulting in less immersive listening experience. The bar has a small tilt that favors bass frequencies and will be more suitable for heavy bass music genres, but this won’t be too audible for most. In addition, its soundscape is not so wide and will reduce the enveloping content 5.1 to 2.1.

Good for dialogue. You can use this Yamaha YAS-207BL soundbar to listen to podcasts, audiobooks, or other types of similar content. The audio profile is quite neutral and the overall playback of the voices will be accurate. It can also be quite strong and you can also use the dialog enhancement feature to get an even better listening experience. You will be able to broadcast content from your phone wirelessly, but unfortunately, it doesn’t have an automatic or night volume mode to normalize the sound of different types of content.Yamaha YAS-207 Soundbar-

Decent for music. The audio playback of this soundbar is accurate, but it has a slight emphasis on bass, adding a bit of boom. Although its soundscape is not very wide, it is well focused and does not sound too disabled. There is not much compression at a moderate volume, but when pushed to maximum volume, you can hear some pumping and compression artifacts in the bass range, especially in heavy bass genera. On the plus side, you can easily adjust the subwoofer level separately.Yamaha YAS-207 Soundbar--

It’s good for movies. This Yamaha YAS-207BL soundbar has good overall audio playback, but it doesn’t work well with surround channels. More importantly, the soundscape is not so wide and has no height channels. All of this will result in a less immersive listening experience. This 2.1 configuration will reduce the content of the 5.1 mix and will not sound as real as other configurations. On the plus side, compression performance is good and you have some features to customize the sound a little to your liking, even if you won’t have room correction.Photo:Yamaha

Yamaha YAS-207BL soundbar specs:

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