SP PX10 Portable SSD: Red Dot Award Winner 2024

Silicon Power’s PX10 Portable SSD Wins 2024 Red Dot Award

Silicon Power (SP) proudly announces that its revolutionary PX10 portable SSD has been honored with the prestigious Red Dot Award for 2024. The PX10 distinguishes itself with its lightweight design, distinctive yet practical shape, and military-grade toughness. This accolade underscores SP’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge products that seamlessly blend exceptional performance with innovative design.

Sleek Design with Exceptional Performance

The PX10 seamlessly combines style and functionality. Available in timeless black and soft pink, it caters to both professionals and fashion-conscious users. With its ultra-slim profile, measuring just 10.3mm thick, and featherweight construction at only 33g, it surpasses most portable SSDs in terms of portability. Its unique shape, inspired by internal components, not only enhances its visual appeal but also aids in heat dissipation. By positioning the circuitry close to the aluminum casing, heat dispersal is improved, ensuring optimal performance even during prolonged use.

SP PX10 Portable SSD
SP PX10 Portable SSD

Flexible, Efficient Performance on the Go

With read and write speeds reaching up to 1,050MB/s, the PX10 accelerates data transfer, streamlining workflows and boosting productivity. iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max users can utilize the PX10 to record and store high-quality videos directly onto their devices using Apple ProRes, freeing up valuable phone memory and ensuring uninterrupted capture. Additionally, the PX10 is military-grade certified, offering reassurance by protecting data integrity against accidental drops of up to 1.2m.

Experience the convenience of pocket-sized portability paired with an expansive 4TB capacity, fulfilling all your storage requirements. Picture storing approximately 40 copies of “Titanic” in 4K UHD, a hundred hours of 4K 60fps gaming footage, or the entire 10 seasons of “Friends,” utilizing only a fraction of the total space. The possibilities with such extensive storage are limitless.

The cable serves as the ultimate all-in-one solution, acting as the universal cable you need for all your devices. Not only does it deliver rapid 60W Power Delivery (PD) to keep your devices charged, but it also boasts impressive data transfer rates. With speeds reaching up to 10Gbps, our USB-C to USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 cable stands among the select few offering both robust power and exceptional performance seamlessly.

SP PX10 Portable SSD
PX10 Portable SSD – images: SP

The PX10 represents our lightest and thinnest external SSD yet, measuring a mere 10.3 millimeters thick and weighing just 33 grams. Its exceptionally compact design facilitates one of the most effective heat dissipation systems in its class, all while maintaining MIL-STD certification² for secure data storage, even in challenging conditions.

PX10 specifications:

  • Capacity: 512 GB / 1 TB / 2 TB / 4 TB
  • Dimensions: 103.4 mm x 33mm x 10.3mm
  • Weight: 33g (maximum)
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color Options: Black / Pink
  • Interface: USB 3.2 Gen 2
  • Performance Read (max.): Up to 1,050 MB/sec
  • Performance Write (max.): Up to 1,050 MB/sec
  • Supported Operating Systems:
    • Desktop: Windows 7 and higher, Mac OS X 10.3 and higher, Linux 2.6 and higher
    • Mobile: Android 6 and higher, iOS 13 and higher
    • Console: PlayStation™ 5 (Play and store PS4™ games; archive PS5™ games), PlayStation™ 4 Pro or PS4 with system software version 4.50 or higher, Xbox™ Series X|S (Play and store Xbox One™ games; archive Xbox Series X|S games)