SplitCam Powerful webcam software – more that just camera splitting

SplitCam is a software application that allows users to add various video effects and filters to their webcam video streams. Some of the notable features of SplitCam include:

  1. Video Effects: SplitCam allows users to add various video effects such as masks, overlays, and face effects to their webcam video streams.
  2. Virtual Webcam: SplitCam allows users to use a video file or a screen recording as a virtual webcam, which can be used in various video conferencing and streaming platforms.
  3. Multiple Webcams: SplitCam allows users to use multiple webcams simultaneously and switch between them during a live video stream.
  4. Audio Effects: SplitCam also includes various audio effects such as echo and pitch shift, which can be applied to the audio from the webcam microphone.
  5. Chroma Key: SplitCam includes a chroma key feature, which allows users to remove the background from their webcam video and replace it with a custom image or video.

Overall, the versatility and flexibility of SplitCam’s video and audio effects make it a useful tool for enhancing webcam video streams and adding creativity to live video streams.

SplitCam – The virtual video capture software allows you to link multiple applications to a single video capture source. For example, if you have a webcam connected to your computer, you can’t use it in multiple apps at the same time, there are no standard Windows options to make it possible. SplitCam does just what its name says: it divides the video stream from the video source and provides it to other client applications.

With SplitCam, you can connect up to 64 clients to a single video source.SplitCam - virtual video capture

Typically, after installing a video capture device, such as webcam, dv-camera, TV tuner, or a TV-IN video card, you can only connect to it from a Windows app. If you launch another app and try to use the same video source, you’ll receive an error message that your device is already in use. In this case you have no choice but to wait for the first application to finish its work, or to get out of the idea of using the second app. Sometimes it may be absolutely necessary or more advisable to use, for example, the webcam in more than one client application at the same time.

New features and enhancements:

1. Different video resolutions (including HD): Go to Options and select the required resolution.
With the release of SplitCam 5, we’ve solved our major issues with compatibility with Windows 7, Vista, and x64 operating systems. However, there are still many people asking for SplitCam with Win7 and x64 in search engines, on forums, via our support email…

With this post we want to respond to all these people and say that now SplitCam is fully compatible with the operating system Windows 7, Windows Vista, x32 and x64. SplitCam 5 is tested many times on all these operating systems and platforms, and all bugs depending on the architecture of Windows 7 and Vista are fixed.

SplitCam is sa oftware that can capture video from input devices.

Features and highlights
Cool webcam effects software
Splitting videos into various programs
Realistic 3D masks
All popular video sharing sites are supported
Streaming to video sharing sites
Broadcast HD video and many supported video resolutions
Different video streaming sources
Software to use the IP camera as a source
Useful additional video features
Videos can zoom in and outSplitCam - virtual video capture

Let’s proceed to the detailed review of SplitCam and evaluate its performance based on key parameters.

Performance: Unlike some professional video recorders, SplitCam is a lightweight application that doesn’t burden the CPU significantly. It delivers smooth performance even when recording videos, thanks to the restricted video recording quality.

Video Quality: SplitCam limits the video quality to a maximum resolution of 2048×1536. Consequently, it doesn’t support 4K video recording, even if your webcam or desktop screen has a 4K resolution. There is room for improvement in video quality, prompting users to seek alternative software similar to SplitCam.

Device Support: SplitCam allows recording from external webcams, desktop screens, IP cameras, and supports NDI devices. However, it is only compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 10 operating systems.

Editing Options: SplitCam provides various customization options to adjust video parameters like brightness, saturation, and even skin smoothing. However, it lacks post-recording editing options to take your videos to the next level.

Best Alternative: If you are dissatisfied with the features and functionalities of SplitCam and are seeking a superior alternative, we recommend Filmora screen video recorder. It addresses the shortcomings of SplitCam and offers a comprehensive set of features and options desired by users. Filmora allows 4K video recording, professional editing capabilities, and supports multiple output file formats, enabling the creation of professional-quality videos. Here are the steps to record your screen and webcam using Filmora.

Cool webcam effects software
Add effects to your webcam video in video chat and have fun with your friends!
It’s a real source of positive emotions!
Splitting videos into various programs
Feel free to use your webcam in various applications without receiving the “busy night” error. He thinks your webcam can do more!
Realistic 3D masks
Replace the entire head with a 3D object. Imagine virtual elephant or some other animal head on your shoulders repeating all the movements of the real head. You can also apply some famous 3D movies like Darth Vader.
All popular support services
Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AOL AIM, ICQ, Camfrog, Gtalk, YouTube, Justin.tv, Ustream, Cam-ap and Chatroulette, ooVoo and more…
Streaming to popular services
The SpliCam webcam software allows live video streaming to Livestream, Ustream, Justin.tv, TinyChat and other services in just a few clicks and using all the features of SplitCam. Make your streaming brighter and more flexible!
Broadcast HD video and many supported video resolutions
Stream video from HD camera without loss of video quality. Manually select the required resolution from the list of the most popular resolutions: 320×180, 320×240, 400×225, 400×300, 512×384, 640×360, 640×480, 800×600, 960×540, 1024×768, 1280×720, 1280×960, 1400×1050, 1600×900, 1600×1200, 1920×1080, 1920×1440, 20488×1536
Different video streaming sources
SplitCam lets you stream webcams, video files, slideshows, and desktops
(full desktop or selected part of it)!
Use the IP camera as a source
Connect to any IP camera and send it as a video source instead to your webcam to IP connection messages and video streaming services.
Small video features useful
Record your video without special professional software and upload it to YouTube
in just a few clicks right from the SplitCam window!
Zoom video function
Zoom in on your video in SplitCam and stream only the part you need. Zoom with keyboard and mouse available.

The most interesting and impressive feature of SplitCam software are the effects. It’s a great way to make your video chat fresh and unusual. You can apply effects regardless of the selected video source. You can apply multiple effects at the same time and make combinations of amazing effects.

With SplitCam you can leave stereotypes and have unusual, bright and full of emotions video calls. For example you can change your video stream source to video file. It can be anything you want – animated cartoon, video from YouTube, home video… In using of this your imagination is the only limitation. You can send video file instead of webcam for education (give a lecture), make video answering machine like in usual phone, imitate 24/7 online activity on some video site… Moreover you can play like webcam not only one file, but even make a playlist.

And it’s only one of SplitCam video source features. You can set your desktop as a video source. During video chat all your friends will see your desktop. It worth to say that desktop video source in SplitCam works in three modes: full desktop, zoomed area where mouse cursor is and selected rectangle of the desktop. With the desktop feature of SplitCam you can help your friends in a few moments showing what to do in real time and commenting your actions with voice.

System Architecture: Windows 10 32-bit, Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 8 32-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit.

All effects are divided into groups. Let’s take a look at each set of effects and find out what we can with SplitCam effects. Photo:SplitCam 

The best group is Filters. With these effects you can edit the entire video. One filter makes the video black and white, another – negative, the next… Click and download SplitCam download

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