Steeda Ford Mustang Q500 Enforcer – Maximum Performance

This brand may not be familiar to European fans, but Steeda has been in the US tuning scene for quite some time. In addition to selling a range of Ford modding on the American market, they claim to be the world’s largest aftermarket Ford Specialist.

Now Steeda is bringing this relatively underrepresented participant to the right Mustang drive market, having released it in Britain’s Auto Show exhibition. With focus-sharpening adjustments for the Powertrain and chassis, the performer’s main mechanical changes are the suction and unloading and remapping systems for the 5.0-liter V8 to offer new outputs of 480bhp and 485lb ft of torque (the standard 2018 Mustang GT are 444bhp and 389lb ft).


On the side of the chassis,Steeda Ford Mustang has mounted the adjustable suspension with the thicker spring-sized front and rear anti-tipping bars with solid ends and billet fittings. There is also a front strut clamp and new rear traction-impulse shrubs of the sub-frame.

The auto show had black satin 20in wheels and Michelin sport 4s pilot tires, but customers can opt for 19in wheels with daring cup tires. The highest spec coilover suspension with adjustable shock absorbers also appear in the list of options, as well as a six-speed manual Tremec Magnum gearbox with some custom gear ratio options plus a clutch and reinforced transmissions.The Steeda Ford Mustang Q500 Enforcer price of £50,093 (£8998 more than the standard Mustang GT) includes a manufacturer’s warranty.

photo source:steedavehicles