The best running watch- Garmin Forerunner 35

With built-in GPS to track where, how far and how fast you run, the Forerunner
35 gives you plentiful feedback during training. The watch also track calories
burned, helping you to make informed dietary choices to support your current
training regime.

A Virtual Pacer mode pits your performance against pre-set targets,while timely audio prompts keep you
on track. There are also various training regimes (available via the Garmin Connect app) to help you work towards bigger
goals, including the run/walk function to help you build up to running for longer
each time you train. Garmin Forerunner 35

The Forerunner 35 also features Garmin Elevate, wrist-based heart-rate-tracking tech that gives you real-time insight.If you fancy a change from running, select from several indoor and outdoor sports profiles,
including cycling and elliptical workouts,to track your performance during those.

Once you’re home, dive into the Garmin Connect app on your tablet,smartphone or PC to view stats such
as your top speed and average pace.Via the app, you can also discover
routes uploaded by others in your area.

Before you start training, visit to get a Forerunner35.The watch is available in
four colours and two different sizes.Garmin Forerunner 35__
Next, download the Garmin Connect app for your smartphone, tablet or PC.Sync the watch with your device,
then go for a run.Thanks to a dedicated run-walk function,it’s the ideal running watch to help you nail your first 5K race.