The great kitchen gadget – Bosch AutoCook MUC88B68GB

Multi-cookers-machines that offer more cooking methods, such as pressure cooking, steam, etc.-have existed for a few years, but the Bosch Autocook MUC88B68GB raises the bet. Not content to combine fast and Slow-baking with some other options, it comes with a number of settings, as diverse as frying and baking, making yogurt and poaching eggs. Assuming you just wanted to do one thing at a time, you could keep them getting rid of most of your pots and your counter top and let the handle autocook the lot. Realistically, it is a fantastic helper for families, and animators-thanks to their choice of sous-vide and induction technology for heat distribution.

The Autocook prepares your meal by pressing a button in just three steps. The optimum temperature and cooking times are preset and can be selected quickly for the dish you want.You can also save your own recipes. Innovative Induction technologies ensure optimum heat distribution and accurate temperature regulation, so nothing can burn or boil. Thanks to the rapid cooking function of the steam pressure, the Autocook does not destroy the vitamins and needs a cooking time of less than 60%.


Instead of taking the form of a traditional pressure cooker, the Bosch options for a shorter, squatter design for the AutoCook Bosch MUC88B68GB. This allows you to accommodate a bowl similar to a cauldron from which the food can be easily removed. The bowl benefits from sturdy handles and is marked with sizes of cup and litre. At the top, there is a twist lever to lock the lid during the pressure firing and a large button on the front of the machine to release it.

The Autocooker controls consist of nine buttons, which feels quite complex, although considered different options. However, there is only one button to scroll through the default programs, which means that if you lose what you want, you need to start over.

There are also buttons that control the short, medium or long version of that program, temperature (in 5 ° C steps 40 º C-160 º C), time and pressure. Their symbols are not obvious and it is easy to forget what everyone does. For example, a clock image controls the start of the delay while a timer controls the cooking time.

In terms of cooking characteristics and functions, the Autocook is superior to many multi-cooker. However, somewhere along the line, the ease of control has been overlooked. It is not as easy to program as similar machines, and the more complex recipes would benefit from a pause button.

Bosch AutoCook MUC88B68GB Key Features:
Price: £349.99
5-litre non-stick bowl
Two-layer steamer basket
Deep-frying basket
Spatula and spoon

If you are ready for a bit of trial and error while you familiarize yourself with it, however, the Autocook comes with great rewards: tasty hot meals to get home. This makes it the ideal purchase for any home occupied.

The Bosch AutoCook MUC88B68GB has the potential to be your number one kitchen gadget-but keep the instructions at your fingertips.