The main differences between a Smart TV and an Android TV?

Generally, there is not very much significant difference between smart and Android tv, but there are several details that make android TV considerably better.

Smart TV
Smart TV is a tv that arrives with built-in apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and many more for watching movies.
This TV supports some other applications also for executing other tasks such as playing games. Smart TVs offer the consumer with the features to connect the TV to one’s Wi-Fi network and set up all the preferred applications and on-line services made available in the manufacturer’s installed application store in the TV. Smart TVs furthermore have built-in voice search function that allows the users to search for all their favorite content by simply speaking the title or description of the content. The best smart tv should also support Dolby Audio and DTS Decoding technology. It should also allow you to cast the content onto devices of your choice. One of the key properties of an Android smart TV is voice search. Make sure not to miss this factor too when selecting your television. You will be keeping your TV for many years. Make sure that it is ready for both the present and future technologies.

Photo: LG newsroom

Smart TV have the foremost visible features with the fully developed widescreen in High Definition where you can see what digital detailing feels like. The TV has a built-in stereo box speaker with the Dolby Decoder audio technology which enhances the sound quality so magnificently, recreating the theatrical experience within homes.

Android TV
But on the other hand, an Android TV works with the Android operating system. Android is owned by Google so you can use the play store for getting applications and video games.
Android TV as well supports Google Assistant that you can use to give the command to TV for performing any kind of task.
You can also connect the Android TV with additional smart devices at home. Rest other features like Live cast, home cloud, Chromecast technology, live streaming are the same in both smart and Android TV. Android TVs outshine both Smart and Non-Smart TVs in terms of accessibility of content. They open the world to a whole new stage of Android unique content such as Google Play Store which houses plenty of applications and well known games, Google Play Movies and TV which lets one stream the most recent movies and popular TV shows, some of which are exclusive to Google Play Movies and TV.

Point to be mentioned-: In the tv marketplace, Samsung and LG TVs are there which do not support the Android operating system.

In Samsung’s TVs, you will only get the Tizen operating system and on LG’s TV, you will find webOS. (Smart Tv).
The rest, 90 % of the television companies for example Hisense, Panasonic, TCL, Sony, and many others supports Android OS.

Summary-: Many people today support Android TV but that does not imply that Samsung and LG TVs are not very good. The Tizen and WebOS also support voice assistants like Alexa and often Google Assistant. Still, Android TV has an benefit in that these TVs support google play store.

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