The Unconventional Guide to Laptop Batteries

Laptop computers have to carry their power supply with them,when you take them on the way.They do this in the form of batteries that generally plug into the bottom part of the laptop.Laptop batteries
are available in many types,based upon on the notebook manufacturer. The period you can run your laptop
on a charged battery is known as the battery life, and this differs from laptop to laptop. You have to charge
your laptop battery on a regular basis.laptop battery life

Battery Life
Batteries deliver a certain amount of hours of battery life,or working time.The
standard laptop battery offers anywhere from two hours to four hours of battery life. The
life of the battery is impacted by whether the laptop computer is being used or is on standby
mode, and by the size of the laptop monitor, with big displays draining power
more rapidly than smaller ones.

Types of Batteries
There are numerous types of laptop batteries,with the most well known type being the
lithium ion (Li-ion). Li-ion batteries hold a charge longer than earlier types such as
nickel cadmium (NiCad) or nickel-metal hydride (NiMH). Some laptops also feature secondary alkaline batteries to power
internal clocks or keep the laptop working while the primary battery is changed.For most effective performance, Li-ion batteries are the standard now.

AC Power
If you use your laptop at home or workplace rather than on the road, you can plug it
into an electrical outlet and run the pc off electricity all the time.However, laptops used for more than a few
hours this way can become overly warm,which can badly damage or interfere
with your computer’s “health and fitness”.To prevent
this,invest in a specially made laptop pad to help disperse undesired temperature.