Tips: Send and receive faxes for free online

You probably don’t need to send faxes often, but it’s worth having a reliable way to do it, without having to leave the house, up your sleeve. After all, there are still many companies that use faxes. People in the legal, financial and medical sectors still rely on faxes for essential documents.Send and receive faxes for free online

Not everyone has access to a fax machine. In addition, you do not need to use a dedicated fax or a multi-purpose printer.

You can use a Fax Web service, FaxZero. If you send no more than five faxes per day and only three pages at a time, it’s free.

With this convenient site, you can send a fax directly from your computer without the extra trip or the hassle of a fax.

You can attach up to three documents, with a total limit of three pages for faxes, including the cover page. If the document is not already on your computer, you will need to scan or take a picture of the sun.

It’s very easy to use. Enter the sender information on the green side and the receiver information on the blue side. Attach the required pages and enter the information in the text box.

This information will be displayed on the cover page, or you can select one of the attached pages as the cover page. Once you have entered all the necessary information, click the “Send free fax now” button.

There’s a FaxZero ad on the cover that’s not a big deal. To send up to 25 pages a day without ads, it’s USD 1.99 per page.
If you need to receive a fax, eFax offers a virtual fax number to receive up to 10 pages per fax per month for free. There are payment options, of course, if you go over the free plan. photo:Pixabay

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