Top Free Sites for Downloading Blu-ray Movies in 2024

If you’re a movie enthusiast, there’s nothing like watching a film in a theater. But there’s also something special about curling up on your sofa with a pile of snacks while you binge-watch your favorite movies and TV shows. Are you wondering how to download Blu-ray HD movies for free? Do you want to know the best websites for downloading free Blu-ray movies or the top sources for 4K movie torrents? If you’re asking these questions, here’s a guide that might help you find the answers.

free Blu-ray movies
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Top Websites to Download Blu-ray Movies for Free

1. Filmxy – Filmxy is one of the top websites for downloading Blu-ray movies for free. It focuses on providing high-quality movies and offers three different formats: Blu-ray, 720P, and 1080P. The website has a straightforward design, making it easy to search through categories like Comedy, Adventure, Action, Documentary, and Romance to find the movies you want. The site is frequently updated, allowing users to download the latest releases in 720P and 1080P Blu-ray quality. If you’re new to the site, there’s a helpful FAQ section with guidance on how to download. However, keep in mind that Filmxy doesn’t offer some features like user accounts, community forums, or other social elements.

2. – Another excellent source for downloading high-quality Blu-ray movies for free is This site is the official platform for YIFY movies, renowned for offering high-quality movies in compressed sizes. At, you can download HD Hollywood movies in various formats, including Blu-ray, 1080P, 720P, 4K, and 3D. The movies are encoded with the X264 codec, ensuring a good balance of quality and file size. According to Alexa, a prominent web traffic analysis service, ranks as the fourth most popular torrent site globally.

3. DivxCrawler – The final website on this list is DivxCrawler, another popular destination for downloading Blu-ray movies for free. It caters to users from various regions and countries. The homepage categorizes movies by resolution (HD, Blu-ray, 1080P, and 720P) and language, including HINDI, BANGLA, ENGLISH, TAMIL, CHINESE, and others. This organization makes it easy for users from different linguistic backgrounds to find what they want. The simple website layout is also beginner-friendly, ensuring even first-time visitors can navigate the site without difficulty.

These websites offer a good starting point for finding and downloading free Blu-ray movies. However, always remember to be cautious about copyright laws and understand the risks associated with downloading content from unofficial sources.