Top quality wireless charging power bank – YOOLOX

YOOLOX is a wireless charging power bank with long lasting and top quality suction parts. It is created to operate with almost all mobile devices available on the marketplace. Even if your mobile phones have plastic-type surfaces and flat rubber, this wireless power bank can work reliably.

The capabilities of the YOOLOX wireless charging power bank are:

QI Wireless Charging – The approved standard of wireless charging
Charge-Through Function – To simultaneously charge your mobile units and the power bank itself
Quick Charge 3.0 – For Android devices, it boosts the charging speed up to 2 times
Power Delivery 3.0 – For iPhones, it improves the charging speed up to 2 times
Soft-Touch Surface – To make sure your phone does not get damaged
Suction pads – To maintain your gadgets in the correct position
Compatibility – Google: Google Nexus 4 and up; Samsung: Galaxy S6 and up, Galaxy Note 7 and 8; Apple: iPhone SE 2, 8, 8 Plus, and X; Others: Microsoft Lumia 950; Nokia Lumia 735, 830, 920, 930, and 1520; HP Elite x3; YotaPhone 2; Sony Xperia XZ2; and LG Optimus G Pro

YOOLOX comes with Li-Polymer battery technology, 500 charging series, and 5V/1A QI wireless output. It additionally provides QC 3.0 authorized chip output USB Type A and C and Input USB Type C. As for their input micro USB, it is QC 2.0 certified chip.

As for its charging period and capacity, the YOOLOX 10K has a charging time of up to 5 hrs and 10, 000 mAh capacity whilst the 16K charges for 6 hours with 16, 000 mAh. If you are questioning on the opportunity whether this wireless charging power bank can charge your mobile phone and the power bank at the same time, it can easily. With its pass-through or charge-through features, it can charge your gadgets at the same time, making it practical mainly because only one external power adapter is required.



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