Toshiba PC Diagnostic Tool – free software

Toshiba PC Diagnostic Tool – free software

TOSHIBA PC Diagnostic Tool is a free software utility for Toshiba-branded PC and laptop owners that displays basic information about installed hardware components.

The application contains two panels, one for basic information about the device such as system information such as model name, model number, Windows version, installed cpu, memory, disk, etc.

The second panel included in the TOSHIBA PC Diagnostic Tool provides access to quick tests to check the status of hardware components. The user can select which items to test, and once the desired components are selected, the PC Diagnostic Tool can start the test by clicking “Start Diagnostics”.

Unfortunately, all this utility lets you know if the items passed or failed the tests, but it does not provide any quick remedy.

All in all, TOSHIBA PC Diagnostic Tool is the standard test tool provided by the manufacturer that displays only basic information about the TOSHIBA system, but does not provide much in the form of solutions or troubleshooting.TOSHIBA PC Diagnostic Tool download here

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