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In the world of digital marketing, they say that you can’t improve what you can’t keep up, this seems true for your social media marketing effort. To understand if your marketing strategy is working, you need to know how your blog posts are working, and it’s wise to know when your target audience is reacting to your Instagram posts. It is also recommended to invest in follower enhancement tools such as Famoid to make sure you have a large audience on Instagram as it is one of the most popular platforms nowadays. Analyzing your Facebook brand strategy also lets you know if you’re getting traffic and leads. Instagram is also a sure way to know that you are getting engagement and good followers on Instagram: buy automatic likes or followers on Instagram. This will allow you to develop an organic base of likes and followers from an account that starts with a good level of purchased engagement.

You can’t understand how your social media interests work if you don’t use the right social media analytics tools. As a demanding marketer, you may want to invest in social media action tracking tools. However, one should be careful because you may get lost in the thousands of analysis tools available. The good news is that among the dizzying collection of analysis tools, there is one that fits your needs.

The best social media analytics tools have many advantages. They will have all the necessary features and their vendors will provide every informative suggestion. There are several open source and proprietary analysis tools that fall into the following categories:

Integrated social media analytics interfaces.
Free social media analysis tools.
Paid social media analytics tools.
When you choose well, these tools will give you the weakest information about data performance in a given marketing campaign. You’ll get detailed information about how many likes, shares, or referrals you’ve earned on your favorite social media platforms or pages.

Here are 6 social media analytics tools that help your monitoring efforts

Google Analytics
You may be wondering why Google Analytics is not classified as a high-level analytics tool. This is not publishing or programming, but simply an analysis tool. It is ideal for a variety of activities on your profile, website or blog. This is great when you want to know where your traffic is coming from and where your pages are popular on certain platforms. Google Analytics opens you up to marketing metrics and lets you discover how your SEO efforts work.

Facebook Page Insights
If Facebook is the only site where your promotions are run, you should take advantage of the Facebook page statistics. As an integrated tool, this analytics genius is the analytics tool for you. Metrics are pulled directly from the platform, which means the tool gives you an accurate and in-depth view of what’s happening around your content. You can identify how many people your posts reach, and it’s easy to learn about the clicks and engagements each post generates.

When you want to understand how your social media posts affect your ROI, TrackMaven is the analytics tool for you. This tool helps you understand the impact of your marketing campaign and can view customized reports on the performance of your posts across different channels. It is easy to find out what your competitors are doing and you will benefit from the knowledge of influencers. This tool allows you to find the campaign that generates the most revenue, so you allocate more resources to maximize returns.

Photo: TrackMaven

SocialRank allows you to analyze your statistics on different social media platforms. You can see your likes, retweets, shares and this allows you to identify the hashtags that matter. You can identify your loyal followers, the most valuable and engaged followers. You can identify the time of day when your followers are mostly active and the type of content (photos, videos, or non-multimedia) they tend to gravitate to. SocialRank will show you what your followers are saying about you and you can take the necessary action.

Buzzsumo tends to analyze your likes or actions in a distorted way. Instead, the tool evaluates your content and how it works on social media. If you want to see how many shares your post has reached on Twitter or Facebook, Buzzsumo will do the basics. You can see the number of shares in each post and decipher the content your followers tend to associate with.


With this tool, you will be able to enjoy real statistics, including Twitter mentions or Instagram posts. See your users’ reactions, impressions, and recent users and you can track hashtags that complement your brand. It is not just another tool, but it is a reliable tool with outstanding features.


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