Transfer Music From a PC to an iPhone Without iTunes Discovered

There is no doubt that there are many music service platforms and one of them is the iTunes music streaming giant. But think about when the user won’t have a stable internet connection, that’s when users start thinking about how to stream music. Of course you can simply add tracks to your iDevice by integrating it into a PC or MAC via iTunes, but think about it, it’s far from convenient. That is exactly what we will explore and figure out how to transfer music from a PC to an iPhone without actually using iTunes.

Add music to your device via the iCloud drive and Google Play Music Manager.


iCloud Drive is an extremely useful service in a situation like this. If the user has stored their music library on their Mac or PC or even on an external hard drive and prefers to manually manage their songs, they can use iCloud Drive to add tracks to their iDevices. But it is essential to clarify that iCloud does not consent to uploading content for which the user has express permission to copy both actions. Saving music doesn’t actually give you the right to upload it as you wish and also for personal fun, this could mean that the user’s account is banned. Therefore, users must remain vigilant.

How to transfer tracks using the iCloud drive

On the user’s Mac, open Finder and switch to the iCloud drive. There you chose File > New Folder or press Shift+Command+N and a new untitled folder will be created that the user must name as “Music” to simplify recognition later. Open the folder and locate the songs that the user wants to reach on the user’s iDevice and drag the necessary tracks to the music folder.

After that, the cloud service will detect the song and automatically start the upload process. Users are notified if they want to make sure their songs prefer to stay accessible at the original access points/folders, they need to copy and paste them into the music folder instead of dragging them.

Once the songs are uploaded, your music will be available for access via iCloud on iDevice. Then proceed to access the file app and go to the iCloud drive and switch to the music folder and open it, then the user will be able to see the tracks uploaded through their MAC’s.

How to transfer songs using Google Play Music Manager

This method could mean a little more time than the previous method. But it is still the best option in my opinion personal. I’m sure everyone knows that Google Play Music is also one of the music giants. And it’s also a great name on cloud services that allows you to store up to 50,000 free songs to boot.

Just download and install Google Play Music Manager and log in.

Click upload songs to Google Play and locate the music folder from which the user wants to upload songs and wait for the process to finish, but users are advised to exercise patience because if the files considered too large, it takes longer to upload them.

Install and open the administrator from iDevice and sign in with a Google account, once the upload process is complete, the user can start playing music and then download music to the device to listen offline as well.

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