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Even though there is not nearly anything as refined and smooth as YouTube Vanced, we do have a several alternatives that let for an ad-free watching experience and also enable you to download videos on your smartphone. (Vanced has been discontinued. The creators of Vanced have revealed the project will be shut down, with download links set to be removed. While the app will continue to work for anyone who currently has it installed on Android, without any future updates it’s likely to stop working at some point soon. The Vanced owners say they’ve had to discontinue the project due to legal reasons). There is of some of the very best YouTube Vanced alternatives you really should use.


NewPipe is a good alternative to YouTube Vanced. It does in no way depend on any kind of of the Google Frameworks to operate and is instead based on another API that does not need you to have a Google account to have fun with watching video clips ad-free. The application has a very simple interface with not much going on. While you could import your subscription feed from an existing Google account, you also cannot just sign into one using the application. NewPipe additionally allows you download videos in a variety of different level of quality options.


SkyTube is related to NewPipe in a lot of approaches, and we simply truly suggest one over the other if you are facing problems using either of them. Just similar to NewPipe, SkyTube does not run on top of YouTube’s API and therefore allows for a seamless ad-free video-watching experience. You can import your subscriptions to prevent beginning from scratch, even though the application does not have support for signing into a Google account as of yet.


As much as all of us don’t like to admit it, the greatest video-watching practical experience is provided by YouTube itself. While it still does not have options like SponsorBlock and the dislike counter, there is no doubt that the official YouTube application will give you with the easiest and quickest experience while consuming content. YouTube Premium gets rid of all the advertisements for you, opens Premium content, and will allow you to watch videos in the picture-in-picture (PIP) way. YouTube Premium provides very interesting pricing with its family plan, so you might want to check that out.

We currently have LibreTube, which is a wonderful YouTube client that offers an ad-free video-watching experience. The application allows you to personalize playback controls and is totally open-source, which means features can be included to it pretty simply in the long run. The only disadvantage for now is the fact that LibreTube is still in beta version and is lacking a lot of functions, such as the option to sign into a Google account. That said, the application is quick, fluid, and operates as advertised.

If you truly miss the very good SponsorBlock integration that YouTube Vanced got in store, we have got a workaround. Kiwi Browser is a chromium-based web browser accessible on the Play Store that you will be able to use to watch videos on YouTube using the mobile website. While this might seem evident, you can set up extensions such as some sort of adblocker and SponsorBlock to enjoy an experience very similar to that of YouTube Vanced. The only drawback to using this method is the rather awkward and unintuitive user interface of the YouTube web application.


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