Unlocker tool – unlock and delete locked files on your PC

Unlocker is a mini and lightweight, but powerful application that allows you to take complete control over files and folders, which will help you unlock files and and destroy various processes.
Working with Windows is, more often than not, simple sailing. But sometimes, you come across small problems that keep repeating themselves, which can sometimes really make you feel dissatisfied and angry. If you are a serious Windows user who has been using it for years now, surely you have already encountered the problem “Cannot delete the file: Access is denied”.UnlockerThis issue occurs when one of the files or folders is locked. And the best way to fix this problem and unlock these files is to use Unlocker, a little, but very powerful program that helps you exactly with this irritating situation. It allows you to take control of your files and folders and you will be able to decide permissions for them.
Unlock files and remove errors
If you are tired of these errors that do not allow you to use your files the way you want, you need to consider this utility. It will help you make sure that you can delete the files again and use them as you wish. Unlocker is considered the best file of its kind, and rightly so: it is a tiny program, easy to use and extremely effective.
In addition to unlocking files and folders, you will be able to keep your PC running smoothly and free of potential errors and locks, which could occur quite often. In these cases, you will be able to kill the processes that are causing this errors. This program will help you to unload DLLs, delete index.dat files, and manipulate locked files.
Access locked files
If you have locked files or folders on your PC, you can’t do much with them. You won’t be able to move them, delete them, rename them, or any other action, for that matter. Unlocker software is the solution to that problem.UnlockerUnlocker is a little and compact application that will help you unlock and delete files and stop processes that could cause your computer to freeze.
Features and benefits of Unlocker application:
delete locked files with just 2 clicks
easily accessible from the context menu
Small size

Unlocker tool Download

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