USB Turntable System, Teac TN350 high quality sound

The Teac TN350 is a belt-drive turntable with a built-in phono preamp that allows it to be connected directly to a receiver or amplifier without a separate phono input. Some of the main benefits of the Teac TN-350 include:

  1. Built-in phono preamp: The built-in phono preamp allows the TN-350 to be easily connected to any receiver or amplifier without a dedicated phono input.
  2. High-quality audio: The TN-350 features a high-quality audio design with a die-cast aluminum platter, a static balanced S-shaped tonearm, and a MM cartridge.
  3. Adjustable settings: The TN-350 allows users to adjust the tracking force and anti-skating force to optimize the performance of their vinyl records.
  4. Sleek design: The TN-350 has a sleek, modern design that will fit in with a variety of home decor styles.
  5. Versatility: The TN-350 can play both 33 1/3 and 45 RPM records, and it has both line and phono outputs, making it a versatile choice for any vinyl enthusiast.

Only the basics, but made to the highest standards, the Teac TN350 puts sound quality first.

Built to work
For the best sound, the Teac TN350 offers a high quality construction. From the frame, the MDF solid construction is used for mass damping and reduced distortion. The traction aluminum plate is also of audible quality and is connected to a stainless steel spindle with a bronze housing, with low strength and high durability. A high torque engine offers a stable and consistent speed for solid, dynamic sound.

High-quality tone arm
The tone arm follows the same principles as the turntable’s main base offering high-quality engineering for the best sound. The metal construction, low-strength bearings and adjustable weight and anti-skating make it suitable for audible quality design.Teac TN350

Audio Technica cartridge included
The last piece of impressive specs on this turntable is the inclusion of an Audio Technica AT95E cartridge. Much appreciated in itself, it is a great advantage to include with the turntable. Its elliptical pen provides a balanced, distortion-free sound that is also kind to your discs in terms of low wear rate.Teac TN350

Integrated sound phase and USB connectivity

A USB turntable system is a type of turntable that is designed to be connected to a computer via a USB (Universal Serial Bus) port. These turntables typically have a built-in audio interface that converts the analog audio from the turntable into a digital signal that can be transmitted to the computer via the USB connection. This allows users to play their vinyl records through their computer and digitize their music collection. Some USB turntables also include a built-in phono preamp, which allows them to be connected to a receiver or amplifier without a dedicated phono input. They are often used by vinyl collectors and DJ’s who want to be able to play their records and digitize their music collection.

With a built-in sound stage, this Teac TN350 turntable can be connected to any AV amplifier or receiver with standard voice inputs. In addition, a USB output allows you to copy logs directly to your computer’s hard drive, from where it’s easy to download music to the MP3 player or stream compatible hi-fi equipment. photo:TEAC

Get into the rhythm of a better-sounding vinyl, with the Teac TN350.

  • Authentic belt-drive turntable
  • Cabinet with classic walnut (TN-350-WA)
  • Cabinet with modern matte finish satin black (TN-350-MB)
  • Manual arm lifter for analog playback
  • Static balanced S-shaped Tone Arm
  • Replaceable Head shellTeac TN350
  • Anti-skating system prevents tracking errors
  • Heavy-weight Alminum Die-cast Platter
  • USB digital output for transferring music from vinyl to Mac or PC
  • Built-in phono equalizer amplifier for MM type cartridge (Line/Phono output switchable)
  • 2-speed Turntable including 33-1/3 and 45 RPM for LP/EP record playback
  • Japan made ​​MM-type cartridge (audio-technica AT95E) included
  • Corrosion resistant gold plated terminalsTeac TN350
Brand Teac
Colour Matte Black
USB Output Yes – PC and Mac
Speeds 33/45
Replacement Stylus Code ATN95E
Cartridge Included? Audio Technica – ATN95E – MM
Built In Phono Stage yes
Auto/Manual manual
Belt Drive/Direct Drive belt_drive
Weight (KG) 5
Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 420 x 356 x 117
The Teac TN-350 turntable has generally received positive reviews from users and experts for its high-quality audio design, versatility, and sleek design. Overall, it seems to be a well-rounded turntable that offers good value for its price.