Use Check Disk tool to prevent bad sectors

To prevent reduce head crashes, use a reliable disk defragmenter application with automated scheduling (head crashes can create hard bad sectors). Disk defragmentation minimizes the wear and tear on hard drives, extending their lifespan and reducing bad sectors;
Maintain the programs’ updates and run a reliable anti-virus and anti-malware software.
Windows already offers a built-in check disk tool called “Chkdsk” that can fix it. It is advised to use this tool occasionally. It will check the hard disk for errors, correct logical faults, and find and flag bad sectors so Windows won’t attempt to use them again. Prevent your pc from becoming unstable in this situation.

The task Check Disk is required to complete could take some time. It depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the drive, the quantity of RAM, the number of files and folders on the disk, and the overall PC speed. Therefore, it’s advisable to only run Check Disk when you won’t need the computer for a while.

hard disk
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Run Check Disk as follows:
Double-click the My Computer icon on your desktop to open it.
Locate the disk you want to examine, then select Properties from the context menu;
Go to Tools in the Properties dialog box.
Press “Check now”;
Check both boxes in the new dialog box that appears, then click Start.

When you reboot, you’ll get a notification saying that Check Disk requires exclusive access to the disk and wants to start immediately. Restart your computer after clicking OK.

The steps you must do to use chkdsk to repair:

Click “A” on your keyboard to access the power users menu while holding “Win + X.” With that, an administrator-level command prompt window will open.
You can press the “Enter” key after you type “chkdsk [hard drive letter] /F /X /E.”
Restart your computer once you’re done, and the hard drive should now be functional.


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