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Useful tips to Improve Wi-Fi Signal speed and strength

Is there a slow browsing, a buffering problem during streaming, or a lack of consistency in the Internet connection? In that case, you don’t have to worry too much because you can fix these issues yourself. However, you need to take these issues seriously and fix the same effectively for smooth and flawless web access.
If you’re among those who think your Wi-Fi connections have become slower despite having the best broadband internet connection, you can test the speed of your connection on various online sites. To optimize the network of connections, users can use the following tips:

Update your router software

Improve Wi-Fi Signal

Many times, users face the problem of slow or inconsistent signal/network due to their routers. In fact, router manufacturers always make some changes or changes to the software in order to improve signal strength for better speed. Therefore, it is important that users update their router software from time to time. Having the latest and most up-to-date router helps users experience the best results!

Put the router in the right place

Users should understand that putting the router anywhere may not provide the same signal strength. That is why it is very essential for them to place the router in the right place where you get excellent signal strength. It is recommended for users who should not place the router away from home or in a place where other objects can create obstacles to get the right signal.

Use a stronger antenna

It has been noted that many Internet service providers provide Wi-Fi routers with weak or small antenna. Generally, service providers provide routers with about 4 dB antennas. But if you are looking for a powerful antenna, it should be high somewhere between 10 and 15 inches. Such antennas are known as 10 dB antennas. Since these antennas are strong and high, they therefore help to greatly increase the strength of the network. Instead of going for a general type of antenna, it is a wise call to go for the antenna “rubber duck” with at least 9-dBi gain.

Protect your router

It is important that users protest against their routers with a strong password of having a minimum of 8 characters containing at least one capital letter, a fine printout, a numeric number, and a special character. Password encryption is also an important step to prevent other users from connecting. A unique password always ensures the security of your Wi-Fi and protests the same thing about unwanted people to use it.

Reboot router

Since routers are IT devices, therefore, many times users face technical issues with them. Therefore, it is recommended that users reboot routers or restart the same to fix the problem of slow signal strength or weak network. Restarting the router allows the device to clear the cache from memory and install the latest updates. Help your router get a better network or signal.

Use a multi-router network configuration

If you find that all the above tips will not work for you, then it is better to use a multi-router network configuration. Users will usually buy the second router because most of them don’t know they can add a second router to the same network. Sometimes, setting up multiple networks actually works for you, as the router starts working perfectly. So, before switching to the new router, you can choose the latter option as well.

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