Various security devices for your home

Home security should be at the top of the list of priorities for those who care about the safety of their family. It can be particularly disturbing when you’re on vacation because your mind is still worrying about what might happen in your absence. Neighbors realize you’re not around? Are the doors and windows securely closed? Has anyone tried to enter the house?

To help keep your mind relaxed and take care of all these worries, you may want to use high-tech devices that will make it easier for you to keep an eye on things from any place through your smartphone.

Canary Security System

This is an All In One security system for the home. It is connected to HD video and audio and an integrated siren. It works for self-armament once you leave the house. The device is hard to notice because it is designed to look like everyday home gadgets; Like light bulbs and sockets. It sends you an alert directly to your mobile phone when a task or movement is detected.

It comes with a 2 way microphone, night vision, motion detector and multi-angle cameras. Cameras can capture images up to 65 meters away. The 24 LEDs light up automatically when they detect low light conditions. Motion detection and programmed recordings are some of the features that make this home security system a device of choice for many homes. Once you receive the alert, you can view a live streaming video directly from your phone and call to get help from the app.

Ringtone Video Ringer

This device allows you to view and talk from your smartphone to anyone who pushes the doorbell. It gives the stranger or the visitor the impression of being at home, scaring potential thieves. The device also has built-in motion detectors that trigger mobile alerts and record videos that can be accessed from your phone.

Internal hidden camera and external camera

It is crucial that you pay the same attention to the interior, as well as to the outside of your home. This is where the hidden cameras come in. The internal camera will give you personalized alerts on your phone and records all movements inside the house.

Choose an external camera type that will keep the watch on its compound if there is sunshine or rain. Make sure you can withstand all kinds of weather if you want to 24/7 security. Good quality indoor and outdoor cameras must have built-in speakers and a microphone, allowing you to converse with a visitor.

Go for a camera that connects to the current so you never have to worry about dead batteries when you’re away. Just make sure they are positioned strategically, but, well hidden from the view, for proper recording and to avoid tampering with the intruding.

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Consider getting a smoke detector that lets you know when there is a fire in your home. It also detects a loss of carbon monoxide and sends a warning to your smartphone, allowing you to locate the leak or the fire. The technology behind this gadget works by using a split-spectrum sensor in combination with an improved blue LED to monitor the air around it. Interestingly, you can choose between the wired and Wi-Fi versions that work in the 120v and battery configurations respectively. You can stop the alarm from the phone.

Smart Door Lock

To increase the safety of your home, you need to consider improving the traditional door locks with modern High-Tech. On the market, you can find closures that work with Bluetooth enabled mobile devices like the IPhone.

The smart door locks come with a touch screen that is very easy to use, where you have to write a code instead of inserting a key to unlock it. Others are locked and unlocked once they detect their fingerprint; Therefore, you must configure them accordingly. The most important advantage is that you don’t have to worry about losing your keys and being locked up.

However, be sure to store the code well so that it freezes too. It will give you an alert when you are handling it, so be sure that nothing will be done in your home behind your back.

Telephone and key finder

It is imperative to have the security of being able to easily find the keys and the phone in case of loss. Think of the time you lose when you look around the house for them in the most unusual places. Although this device may not fall into the category of home security devices, it will make your life easier and reduce the chances of your keys falling into the wrong hands and entering your home illegally.

The phone and key finder works by helping you track your items with the help of a Bluetooth connected smartphone application. By connecting a tile device to an object, you can easily find it via a sound or mark it as lost. You’ll get an alert when you find it.

Alarm sensors for windows

You may have all the security systems available, but if your doors and windows are not hermetically sealed, it is likely that your home will continue to be broken in while you’re gone. In addition to reliable locking systems, make sure you also receive sensors for doors and windows to enhance the security of your home. The window alarm sensor has a sleek and simple design, is easy to install and discreet. The alarm is triggered if it detects that the window is open, that there is a broken glass or that there are holes.

Light sensor / Light automation

Light sensors are simple electronic devices that work by detecting infrared energy and, in this case, detect the temperature of the human body and light up. They are sensitive up to a range of 12 micrometers and ring a bell once they detect movement. You can also ask them to send a notification to your mobile device once motion is detected, allowing you to take the necessary measures against intruders.

If you use a combination of some, or all of these security methods, you are giving your home and family first-class security. Whether you are at your home or outside it, the last thing you need to worry about is having your home stolen or losing your property due to thieves.


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