VideoProc software – Convert, resize, edit large 4K videos, audios & DVDs


VideoProc is a video editing software that allows users to process, edit, and convert videos on their computer. It can handle various video formats including 4K and 1080p, and it offers a wide range of editing tools, such as cropping, trimming, merging, and adding effects. Additionally, it also has features such as video compression, screen recording, and video stabilization. It supports a variety of input and output formats and can be used on both Windows and Mac computers. It allows to easily edit videos and also can be used to speed up the process of editing videos.

Get a reliable 4K video editor
Although there is a lot of software, which helps you achieve the optimal result of doing an awesome job when it comes to editing, VideoProc is by far one of the best editing software, which you can get your hands on.

Why does VideoProc recommend video editing?
It’s very simple, no other software can deliver good and fast results like VideoProc, and what they claim to provide 47 times real-time processing speeds is really true. All of these video editing software applications use something, which is called hardware acceleration.VideoProc

What is hardware acceleration?
It is the ability of any video processing software to use the basic force of graphics and CPU processors to render videos and assist in their conversion. Although each software uses hardware acceleration to provide video editing, VideoProc is still the only software on the market that provides complete hardware acceleration.

In lay terms, hardware acceleration is supported during video encoding, decoding, and video processing. This process is quite rare and is not yet present in any other software, and is a tried and tested issue.

Do you need full hardware acceleration?
Does your laptop get really hot when editing videos? In that case, the software is not enabled for full hardware acceleration. With VideoProc software, the chances of your laptop heating being quite low and also offers an additional advantage of faster and better editing than other software applications.

Most of these software can use CPU or GPU, which also, not at their optimal capacity, and therefore, sometimes, videos are often sloppier, and re-editing is necessary.

All of these are distant problems if you use VideoProc as the software is very refined and editing is always easy and never problematic. You’ve already achieved full hardware acceleration!

Easy – Video Editor & Converter
When all the features are covered, the most important thought comes to mind – the software application must be complicated and the user interface may not be very easy. Well, in all honesty, VideoProc is one of the simplest software applications, you might come across.

It’s highly balanced software if you’ve just started your video editing career. The basic options to add effect/watermark/subtitle to the video or cut, crop and rotate videos, followed by exporting the raw file, or even compressing, everything is covered with a click of the button.
However, if you are an advanced editor, the advanced toolbox will target you and you can deshake, noise, merge, crop, split videos or export still image/video subtitles at will. It also supports the conversion of a wide range of formats such as 4K videos, Ultra HDvideo, DVDs, music, etc. Download VideoProc software HERE

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