Vizio SB36512-F6, high-quality soundbar, immersive audio!

Good sound system for mixed use. The overall performance of the Vizio SB36512-F6 soundbar is quite good and will be suitable for all types of content. Its accurate and neutral audio profile will be great for voice content such as TV shows and podcasts, and will also be suitable for most music genres, with a bit more bass. For movies, this bar supports Atmos and offers an immersive listening experience with dedicated surround speakers.

The Vizio SB36512-F6 is a high-tech soundbar 5.1.2 soundbar configuration. It offers an immersive listening experience with up-firing speakers and Atmos support. Its sound quality is pretty good, with a neutral audio profile, but with a little extra bass. The bar can become loud enough for all types of content, but the height speakers are not as loud as the other speakers, which means it can be difficult to hear the sound effects of height. On the upside, this soundbar has plenty of connectivity options, but surround speakers need to be connected to the wireless sub.
Quite good for dialog box. The Vizio SB36512-F6 has a clear reproduction of the voices and a neutral sound profile. It will be good to listen to the news, podcasts or audiobooks with this configuration. Unfortunately, there is a lack of a dialogue enhancement function that would make the voices even clearer, but may not need them due to its great overall performance.Vizio SB36512-F6 Soundbar

Vizio SB36512-F6 is great for music. This soundbar system has a great stereo frequency response and is versatile for a wide range of music. It also has a little extra bass, which bass fans will appreciate. It can also get quite noisy and will be suitable for occasional parties or listening sessions. You can also listen to your music via your favorite streaming app thanks to the Bluetooth compatibility of the bar.
The Vizio SB36512-F6 has a perfect stereo frequency response, but it also supports high-end audio signals. With its configuration, this 5.1.2 soundbar configuration provides an immersive experience with its dedicated surround speaker and Atmos compatibility.

The Vizio SB36512-F6 has a decent construction quality. All components of the setup have a very similar style, with a fabric covering the front and top faces and two silver plates on the sides. Unfortunately, the fabric can easily collect dust and get torn. The back and sides are made of good quality plastic, but don’t feel premium.Photo:VizioVizio SB36512-F6 Soundbar

Vizio SB36512-F6 Tech Specs:

  • Total Number of Speakers8
  • Subwoofer Size (inches/mm)6.0″ / 152.4 mm
  • Sound Bar Speakers5
  • System Frequency Response40Hz – 20kHz
  • Sound Bar Frequency Response (Left/Right)100Hz – 20kHz
  • Sound Bar Frequency Response (Center)100Hz – 20kHz
  • Subwoofer Frequency Response40Hz – 100Hz
  • Sound Pressure Level101
  • Sound Enhancement TechnologyVIZIO SmartCast, Dolby Digital®, DTS Virtual:X
  • Speaker Channels5.1.2
  • Wall MountableYes
  • Sound Bar ButtonsPower, Input, Bluetooth, Volume Down, Volume Up
  • RemoteYes
  • Remote Control TypeWith LCD Display
  • Energy ComplianceEnergy Star 3.0
  • Power Frequency60 Hz


  • Analog Audio Input3.5mm stereo mini jack
  • Digital Audio InputDigital RCA (Coaxial/SPDIF)
  • Optical Audio InputOptical (Toslink)
  • USB InputYes, for .WAV Audio Playback
  • HDMI InputYes
  • Bluetooth® InputYes
  • Wi-Fi Input802.11n
  • Ethernet InputYes
  • IR ReceiverYes
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