Volvo XC90-Top quality,best possible active and passive safety

Volvo XC90 offers premium luxury, superior technology, excellent driving dynamics and a better quality!
Volvo is by far the most famous Swedish brand. Swedish steel at Volvo’s philosophy is the backbone of the production of safe cars. Volvo’s engineers do not want to play with the standards of Euro NCAP crash test, but also offer passengers a higher level of security than standardized. How very few of their passengers ended up in the morgue, better advertisement for the safety they did not need. Safety is what Volvo’s engineers in the first place for decades.

In the first few years after the takeover of Volvo by Chinese investors, engineers Göteborg have persuaded the Chinese that their plan is too ambitious and that it is not possible to win the German trio. Swedish engineers have proposed to design less expensive SUV that will not lag behind a lot of models from Germany. The company Geely Holding, which owns the brand Volvo, has not accepted the old strategy of Swedes who for decades experienced a fiasco. The Chinese knew that this losing strategy, which lasted half a century, will not yield results: stupid is always doing the same thing and expect a different outcome. That’s why Volvo’s engineers were forced to make a better car than Mercedes. The result is in front of you: XC 90 is the best SUV in the

Brand reputation painstakingly created and the Chinese were aware that it is not enough to make a better car than Mercedes if he has a Chinese name. That’s why they bought Volvo – because of the name and image of the Swedish brand, which is in its golden years, with the famous model 240 (242/244/245), dominated on the US market. The Chinese want to take over Volvo impose American buyer because these is the European market at the moment not enough large and attractive as earnings concerns.
Volvo XC90 surpasses all possible standards when it comes to security, because what this model has, Euro NCAP can not test it. Competition led by Mercedes, Audi and BMW largely copied solutions with the Swedish car and will copy them in the following years. This is great because there is a chance that the German trio for a few years in this class to offer equally a safe car (although personally I doubt it) what Volvo is now
The intelligent car is a better car. So say the Swedes. That is why Volvo has developed the currently most sophisticated system in the auto industry, Sensus system, which combines all the functions. This panel uses infrared technology to, as opposed to the standard touchscreen capacitive screen, you can use it with kid gloves.
It is interesting that in the interior of the XC90 model thanks to the pooling of a large number of functions on the central screen, the switch is only eight to 35, what is the average in this class. In addition to the main display and a digital instrument panel, the car is equipped with a head-up

This Volvo now has better traction than any other German car in its class. It is also extremely maneuverable at speeds over 200 km / h, so much so that it deserves more than the best marks for stability.
Model XC90 marks the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Volvo Car Group, incorporating new technological innovation brand new platform Scalable Product Architecture (SPA). With the active air suspension on all wheels (Four Corner Active Air Suspension), XC90 becomes even more versatile. The driver can choose different ways to drive that meet the individual driving styles and increase the versatility of the car under all conditions and in different weather conditions. With Comfort, Eco, Dynamic and Off-road modes there is the Individual mode, which can be adjusted according to personal preferences and driving style.

Automatic selection of height and adjust the height of the vehicle at high speeds, when the suspension is automatically lowered by 10 mm at speeds of 100 to 120 km / h, contributing to stability and comfort.
Brake Support system I especially like to commend. He prepares Brake Assist for the car suddenly stop moving the brake pads is very close to the disc when the gas suddenly drop. Emergency Brake Assist boosts braking force, and there are systems to help with hill starts, and system Downhill Assist Control – Hill Descent Control. This system automatically maintains a vehicle speed of 10 km / h when driving forward, and 7 km / h when driving backwards downhill.

Maximum power of 235 hp certainly be felt, even though the car has 1,600 kg but powerful engine is worthless without RATHER LARGE high torque of 470 Nm, which is already available at 1,750 rpm., So they gear acceleration impressively short. The automatic transmission is efficient enough. From A 100 km / h from a standstill comes in 7.6 s (measured) – factory was modest – 7.8 s promises, while colleagues in Germany did not achieve better than 8.7 s. Engine wants to withdraw and 1,300 rpm. and when he goes into the red cycles, this car does not give up. Volvo XC90 is very well insulated – at a speed of 100 km / h, to the passengers coming the noise of 61 dB.

Volvo XC90 is the fastest on the track and reaches an average speed of 88 km / h, with the sudden change of direction on a wet road – Mercedes only 80 km / h, and that’s a huge

[tie_list type=”plus”][/tie_list]ADVANTAGES: Excellent, best possible active and passive safety. Exceptional comfortable, basic – the best sound insulation in class. Excellent fuel-efficient engine of 235 hp, which is sufficiently flexible and robust for overtaking. Superior suspension – a real compromise between the cozy and very cozy suspension. Able to withstand lateral acceleration of 0.94. A great offer of space, and there is a lot of space in the back seat. The large trunk of 635 liters is highly variable. The rich standard equipment. Excellent quality and reliability should be even better (now it is too early for such a review). Very good finishing and better ergonomics. In the beginning, the customer offers a hybrid version. Exceptional little tiring on long journeys. Powerful headlights offer a wide and deep bundle – the best in its class. Top brakes in its class (at a speed of 100 km / h to standstill exceed 39 m). Original, distinctive design – pleasing interior.

[tie_list type=”minus”][/tie_list]DISADVANTAGES: The range of engines is really poor – just one diesel engine with two power versions.
The maximum speed of 220 km / h is less than the competition with more powerful engines. Automatic transmission is not a quick and coordinated as good as the one in the Audi Q7.Price: from € 61,500

Length 4,950 mm
Width 1,800 mm
Height 1,440 mm
Wheelbase: 265 cm
The trunk 635 l
The mass from 1,940 kg
Ground clearance (mm) 237/267 (off-road mode)

Engine 1,969 ccm
Maximum power 235 hp at 4,250 r / min.
Maximum torque of 470 Nm in the range from 1750 – 2500 rpm
Acceleration 0-100 km / h in 7.8 s
The maximum speed of 220 km / h
Consumption (factory promise) 5.7 liters
The consumption of 7.9 liters per test
Euro NCAP crash test 5 stars


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