WD Blue 4TB HardDrive – Fast and silent

If you have a desktop Personal Computer in a tower case,it should be pretty simple to add more storage inside. Having removed the cover, you will just need to identify a
typical 3.5in drive bay, of which most systems will have at least one or two free, and power and data cables to connect the brand-new drive to the PC’s SATA interface
and power supply unit.
Almost all current PCs come with a one or two-terabyte drive, but the more total capacity you buy the less expensive it gets pound-for-pound, and at the moment the ideal value size is 4TB. Buy this WD model and you will probably never need to upgrade yet again.WDBlueTB

Western Digital 4TB HardDrive are really power-efficient

The Blue series is the cheaper consumer range from Western Digital, priced at little
more than half as much as its pro level Black drives. The savings come at the expense of overall performance and durability. This Blue drive is neither the quickest around, neither is it suggested for PCs that are constantly launching and saving data files all day. For most consumers,though, it really should give several years of reliable service, and if you wanted best performance you should probably be looking at a smaller, but faster SSD.
On documents, the WD Blue 4TB Hard Drive is not as fast as the similar BarraCuda drive from the other top hard-drive company,Seagate. Our tests disagreed. In general, it was a little bit faster, and its lead was greatest when reading and writing random data files and when loading programs – the sort of thing your primary hard drive would spend most of its time doing. Even in demanding read- and write-speed tests, the Seagate was incapable to press its advantage, and the WD Blue was slightly but significantly quieter in usage.

Each of those drives are really power-efficient,using just around five watts, but the
Seagate really does draw less in idle and standby modes, even though we are talking
of amounts of electricity that might cost only cents a year.
WD Blue Hard Drive 4TB-3.5in SATA III hard drive – 5400rpm – 26x102x147mm
(HxWxD) – 1.5kg – Two-year manufacturer’s warranty.



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